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Wimbledon Bootcamps

May 15, 2018
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The 5 best Wimbledon Boot Camps

With Wimbledon's expansive common and reputation for all things sweaty, particularly tennis and football, Wimbledon is a fantastic place to begin your boot camp journey. GoSweat has chosen the five best boot camps Wimbledon has to offer so you can dive straight in and start getting sweaty.

Fit Brit Collective

Fit Brit Collective | GoSweat | The 5 Best Wimbledon Boot camps
‍Fit Brit Collective

Type of boot camp: Bodyweight training and circuit-style training.

Why sweat here? Against the backdrop of the historic Wimbledon Windmill, Fit Brit Collective offers fun, effective workouts with a feel-good soundtrack making it impossible not to get immersed in their funky sessions.

Focusing on bodyweight training and circuit-style training, the sessions are put on once a week during the summer.

Location: Wimbledon Common.

Price: £10 per session, £55 for six-session bundle.

British Military Fitness

British Military Fitness | GoSweat | The 5 Best Wimbledon Boot camps
‍British Military Fitness

Type of boot camp: Military training techniques.

Why sweat here? Don’t be afraid; despite its name, British Military Fitness’s bootcamp-style classes are an inclusive workout for people of all abilities. They are all about working up a sweat in the great outdoors rather than pushing yourself the limit, although that’s not to say you won’t be encouraged to work hard!

British Military Fitness boot camps are fun, friendly and teach you skills taught to military personnel.

Location: Wimbledon Park.

Price: First class free to new members, £32 for unlimited monthly membership.

One Element

One Element | GoSweat | The 5 Best Wimbledon Boot camps
‍One Element

Type of bootcamp: High-intensity interval training (HIIT).

Why sweat here? One Element is a members-only boot camp and outdoor group fitness class offering flexible options suitable for every level of ability and budget. These unique high-intensity interval training (HIIT) classes will get you sweating in shorter, healthier bursts. Join up and build core strength, make new friends and sweat your socks off.

Location: Wimbledon Park.

Price: £45 per month for unlimited sessions, £35 per month for one session a week, free trial for new members.

HA Fitness

HA Fitness | GoSweat | The 5 Best Wimbledon Boot camps
HA Fitness

Type of boot camp: Cardio, strength, endurance and core.

Why sweat here? HA Fitness offers regular boot camps and courses giving busy Londoners like you the opportunity to get a little sweaty whenever it’s convenient. HA Fitness workouts are centred on core strength, endurance, cardio and the all-important full-body workout. All levels of ability are welcome, and however proficient or otherwise you are, HA Fitness will make sure you get your money’s worth!

Location: Wimbledon Park and Wimbledon Common.

Price: From £9 per session.

FITCamp by Paul Cook Fitness

Paul Cook Fitness | GoSweat | The 5 Best Wimbledon Boot camps
‍Paul Cook Fitness

Type of boot camp: Overall fitness, strength and tone.

Why sweat here? FITCamp by Paul Cook Fitness offers expert coaching, the best equipment and a range of exercises that will work you to the core. The classes are suitable for men and women of every level of ability - even parents with small babies and children; just rock up with your wee one and prepare to get sweaty.

Looking to go sweat at one of these bootcamps? Then just click through to the relevant website and sign up. After all, you never know what you can achieve until you take that first step towards a sweatier life!

Location: Cannizaro House grounds, Wimbledon.

Price: On enquiry.

As you'd expect, from a GoSweat Founder, Steph loves all things sweaty. From SUP to Skiing, she's always searching for the next endorphin fix. Her other loves include animals, adventures and eating out.

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