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Mental Health Week: Supporting Papyrus to prevent young suicide

December 5, 2019
HR Wisdom

To celebrate Mental Health week, we decided to donate all bookings’ commission to Papyrus. The Papyrus charity is dedicated to preventing young suicide through providing support and advice to those struggling, as well as training health professionals and school staff. Although awareness surrounding this issue is improving, there is still a significant stigma around suicide, and thousand of individuals suffer alone. As a result, suicide is the biggest killer of young people, under 35, in the UK. 

At GoSweat, we seek to redefine corporate well-being, and are fully aware of everything that that seemingly simple statement comprises. True well-being at the workplace goes far beyond getting employees to attend the gym once a week or organizing a football match as a company social. Engagement and commitment are essential to achieve physical and mental wellbeing and in fact, neither can be fully achieved without the other. 

Our employees are not only motivated to keep physically fit, but are also encouraged to care for their mental health through practices such as meditation, office massages, flexible working hours to minimize stress and our ‘Friday-wins’ sessions, in which everyone is free to discuss their achievements, struggles and gratitude for each other’s work. 

The GoSweat team enjoying a relaxing yoga session at FLY LDN after a particularly busy week

We know that the first step towards a long-term solution is for organizations to create an environment where topics such as mental health can be openly and freely discussed. This is why we hugely support and admire the work of charities such as Papyrus and their role in sparking meaningful conversations. In 2017 alone, Papyrus responded to 73,964 calls, texts and emails through their helpline. This represents thousands of lives saved, families preserved, harm prevented and hope given. We are glad we’ve been able to support them so that they can reach many more people in need.

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