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Aerial Yoga Classes in London

July 2, 2018
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The 6 Best Aerial Yoga Near Me (London)

If you’re of the opinion that aerial yoga sounds like fun, then join the club. Completed with the aid of a suspended silk hammock, aerial yoga is just as relaxing and entertaining as you’d imagine. Don’t be fooled, though. Aerial yoga is also hard work, which over time will result in improved flexibility, posture and focus, as well as strengthened muscles. What’s more, the gentle movement of the swing is said to increase feelings of calm and wellbeing that yoga usually elicits. So, it’s a great all-rounder, really.

Here are just five of the best 'aerial yoga studios near me' (or you if you're London based); a veritable treasure trove of hanging yoga, silk yoga, and classes that are designed to make you sweat. Here at GoSweat, we’re rather tempted to join you…

1. Forgotten Circus School

Forgotten Circus School
Forgotten Circus School

Types of classes on offer: Circus fitness/ Handstands/ Aerial Hoop/ Straps/ Aerial Yoga/ Trapeze/ Silks/ Rope classes

Why sweat here? The Forgotten Circus School was born out of a desire to create a space where anyone could come and train and feel part of the Forgotten community. Their worldclass instructors can cater for all levels and will make sure everyone feels welcome and is given the support they need to progress.

Location: Tottenham Hale

Price: Classes start at £20, but can be booked in advance via

2. Aerial Yoga London

Aerial Yoga London | GoSweat
Aerial Yoga London

Types of classes on offer: Aerial yoga for all abilities, weekly workshops, and Skype classes.

Why sweat here? Unlike many studios that offer aerial yoga as an additional class, Aerial Yoga London is a dedicated space for this kind of workout. Here you’ll find aerial yoga, and nothing but aerial yoga. There’s something immensely tranquil about the studio. While you’re sure to unleash your inner sweat, you’ll also discover peace, quiet, and incredible calm.

Location: Whitechapel

Price: Classes start at £10, but should be booked in advance.

3. Floating Fitness

Floating Fitness | GoSweat
‍Floating Fitness

Types of classes on offer: Aerial yoga for adults and children, alongside pole fitness classes.

Why sweat here? Floating Fitness offers adaptive learning, which means its classes are suited to those who attend them; this isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of establishment. Those who attend classes here can be assured by the high levels of professionalism and commitment to safety, and relish the company of instructors who are truly passionate about what they do.

Location: New Cross and Forest Hill.

Price: Prices start at £13.50 for a taster class, or £18 per drop-in session.

4. Flying Fantastic

Flying Fantastic | GoSweat
Flying Fantastic

Types of classes on offer: Aerial silks and slings, aerial yoga, and trapeze.

Why sweat here? The classes at Flying Fantastic are inclusive and accessible; they are designed for all. What’s more, those attending classes at this studio become a part of its community, learning a fast-growing fitness trend in fun and friendly surroundings. You can’t ask for more than that while you’re suspended above the floor!

Location: Bankside, Battersea, Old Street, and Wimbledon.

Price: Classes are priced per credit, which must be purchased in advance. These start at £45 for three sessions.

5. The Coco Club

The Coco Club
The Coco Club

Types of classes on offer: AntiGravity yoga classes for all levels, alongside yoga and circus skills sessions.

Why sweat here? The Coco Club offers AntiGravity aerial yoga classes in a bright, friendly, and fun environment. Participants can sweat safe in the knowledge that they’re being cared for by passionate and knowledgeable instructors. The club’s motto is ‘One body, one life’, and you’ll certainly feel fulfilled after you take to the skies at this studio.

Location: Hammersmith.

Price: Classes are currently 50% off, starting at £30 for three sessions. Classes must be pre-booked in advance.

6. Aerial Active

Aerial Active | GoSweat
Aerial Active

Types of classes on offer: Aerial yoga, trapeze, silks, hoops, and rope skills.

Why sweat here? Aerial Active is a studio specialising in all kinds of aerial acrobatics, including slings and ropes, hoops, and silks, as well as pole fitness. Its aerial yoga classes teach posture, flexibility, and grace, as well as offering senses of fun and achievement. Aerial yoga can be practiced by anyone, and this studio aims to make the masses sweat for their rewards.

Location: Hammersmith.

Price: Taster sessions start at £15 each.

The silk hammocks used during aerial yoga are designed to take the strain, supporting the body and realigning posture as you work out. We’re rather fond of this fantastical workout, and we just know you’re going to love it too.

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