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GoSweat's Story

GoSweat was born in 2016, after Steph struggled to find anything fitness related on Google, that wasn’t a big box gym. After countless Google searches, confusion information, pricing and booking, Steph decided enough was enough and GoSweat was born.

Inspired by Treatwell, JustEat and the travel industry, GoSweat was launched in late 2017, allowing easy discovering and booking of fitness classes in South West London.

Having quickly realised this was a national problem, GoSweat spread across the country, helping people find the activities that suit, on their terms, whilst helping small local businesses find new Users for their amazing teachers.

We don’t believe that fitness should be a chore, as there is something out there for everyone, and we want to help you find your perfect Sweat, judgement and pressure free.

GoSweat's Mission

GoSweat was founded with one clear mission, to make discovering sports simple.

GoSweat acts as a referal system, connecting people looking for ways to sweat with excellent, local Sports Providers. From Candlelit Yoga to Silent Disco Bootcamps, and even Quidditch, GoSweat have got it all.

GoSweat's Vision

So what's the big picture? Making sports discoverable is just the first in GoSweat's vision: Any Sport, Any Time, Anyone.

Imagine a world where anyone could access the sports they wanted, the sport that was right for them - that they didn't see as a chore - that they loved doing. That's GoSweat's vision!

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