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We’re a passionate, lively team redefining employee wellbeing in Britain. We’re based in Bermondsey, which Google believes is known for ‘hip crowds mingling in cosy pubs’. So if you’re wondering, yes… we’re totally hip.

Founding team

Alex Hind
Co-founder, CEO

One thing you...
Love: Coffee
Hate: Wine
Can't live without: Exercise (& coffee)
Would recommend everyone tries: Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

Steph Newport-Booth
Co-founder, COO

One thing you...
Love: Conker
Hate: Waiting
Can't live without: GoSweat's Team
Would recommend everyone tries: 365 Days of Sport

Kent McClymont
Co-founder, CTO

One thing you...
Love: Music
Hate: People who talk through gigs
Can't live without: Music
Would recommend everyone tries: Skydiving


Denis Kent
Software Engineer

One thing you...
Love: Family
Hate: Fast walkers
Can't live without: Stuff to do
Would recommend everyone tries:
Sleeping the wrong way round in bed

Jihyun Hwang
Software Engineer

One thing you...
Love: Travel
Hate: Dried fruits
Can't live without: Rice cooker
Would recommend everyone tries: Solo travel

Lucy Wright
Software Engineer

One thing you...
Love: My friends
Hate: Spiders & anything that crawls
Can't live without: Sleep
Would recommend everyone tries: Cutting all your hair off in a style change

Helena Below
Account Manager

One thing you...
Love: Golden retrievers
Hate: Slow walkers, sorry Denis!
Can't live without: Family & friends
Would recommend everyone tries: Trying new food, all the time

Will Lench
Sales Manager

One thing you...
Love: Socialising
Hate: Queueing
Can't live without: Beers
Would recommend everyone tries: Dans le noir - eating in the dark

Alicia Sanchez OBando
Account & Marketing Manager

One thing you...
Love: My guitar
Hate: Cold days
Can't live without: Nuts & avocado
Would recommend everyone tries: Gratitude

Office dog

One thing you...
Love: Steph
Hate: Wind-screen wipers
Can't live without: Steph
Would recommend everyone tries: Bone-marrow

Office dog

One thing you...
Love: Borkin' at birds
Hate: Birds, drills, quiet
Can't live without: Food
Would recommend everyone tries: Headbutts and snoozes

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