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GoSweat's Meet-up


Every Wednesday GoSweat hosts a meet-up group, where like minded people can come and work together.


No 'example projects' here. You'll get hands on with a live project, and develop your skills with mentoring and how-to's.


Networking is great, but this meet-up takes it a step further. By offering a space to meet, work & learn from each other.

Current Memembers


Alex is the Master-Lego-Builder when it comes to design. There isn't anything he can't make look good with his exceptional UX Design skills.


With a MSc from Oxford in Statistics, there isn't much Leyla doesn't know about Strategy or Product Analysis. Her favourite thing to ask is "Why?".  


Jack earned his stripes at Yelp & PwC, before doing a MSc at LSE in Marketing. He hosts GoSweat's podcast, SweatCast & runs Social Media.


Having done her MSc at Oxford, Ligaya is now multi-talented, with just some of her specialties including Data Analysis
and Front End Development.


Uche previously worked at Natwest & as a Google Intern. Now she is studying Business Information at UCL & is  GoSweat's resident Queen of React.


Olivia is currently doing a MSc in Marketing LSM and has previous experience working with agencies.
Her passion? Brand activation!


Alwin has over 15 years of experiencing as an IT Tester & has recently taken an interest in Full Stack Development. Ask him anything, he'll know the answer!


The most popular member of the squad, Conker's skills include: destroying documents (whether you want him to or not), cuddles and mopping.

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