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  • HuffPost
    For those who are intrigued, classes can be found by visiting and searching for ‘Yoga Speed Dating’. Sessions are being added throughout the country over the next few weeks.
  • Metro
    Other yoga speed dating classes are being added around the country, so search ‘yoga speed dating’ on GoSweat if you’re that way inclined.
  • Runners World
    A new fitness class-booking site. Enter your location and preferred activity and it'll tell you what your local options are. You can book on a class-by class basis and the range is extensive:
  • New!
    Do Sweat it! Bored with scrolling through Google to find local fitness classes? Now you can visit and discover endless opportunities near you.
  • Virgin Media
    GoSweat, a centralised marketplace for the sports industry
  • the TechTalk show
    They are the first mobile app and platform that will allow you to discover and book every imaginable sporting activity. Maybe it’s time for the tech world to feel the burn.
  • Manchester Evening News
    Co-founders Alex Hind and Steph Newport-Booth collect £5,000 for their business. Alex will also get to meet Richard Branson to discuss business ideas over brunch later this year.
  • LESS-STRESS London
    Go Sweat is the latest discover, book and review service for all your fitness needs from Yoga to Silent-Disco Bootcamps and even Quidditch. This January they are launching their new site in London.
  • GoDaddy
    It’s a story of determination, passion and above all, sweating the small stuff.
  • Business Up North
    GoSweat, a website which allows people to search for fitness and exercise solutions in their vicinity
  • Recommendablog
    GoSweat is an awesome business that is making something fun, practical and healthy. There are so many ways technology can improve your health
  • TBE Club
    GoSweat lets you discover, book and review your perfect ways to sweat. 
  • The Startup Van
    GoSweat, this a find and compare different sporting events all over the UK. Compare and book them online
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