How GoSweat Works?

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How GoSweat works?


Easily discover your local sports and fitness, by simply searching for what you want, where you want to do it. 


GoSweat is membership-free, which means you can book as much or as little as you want. #HappyDays


With over 3000 weekly activities, across the country, from Candlelit Yoga to HIIT, you will never get bored!

Will GoSweat suit me?


Candlelit Yoga to Silent Disco Bootcamps? Whatever you're into GoSweat has something to suit you!


Work? Home? Lovers? You can work-up a sweat anywhere you like, with the ability to search for sports and fitness by location.


Whether you're splashing the cash, or cutting back, GoSweat allows you to easily compare prices, that fit your budget.

It's quick and simple to get started

Create your profile

It's quick and easy and you can customise it to really make your brands personality stand out!

Attract new users

GoSweat defiantly isn't a one trick pony. With 1,000's of weekly activities, in a huge array of offerings, we have huge customer appeal.

Get paid

It's not nice when someone else holds on to your hard earned cash. So at GoSweat, we don't. We get it to you asap, so you can spend it on whatever you please.
Get started today

Only THE Best

"I don't know where they find them, but the Providers on GoSweat are always amazing! They must have a secret club!"
Cal, London

Who GoSweat work with?

GoSweat partner with great instructors, all across the country. Only promoting the best sports and fitness providers to our sweat-seeking users.

Sport Provider?

Interested in having your activities listed on GoSweat? Then sign up today >>
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