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Yoga Speed Dating

April 30, 2018
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Yoga Speed Dating

The next BIG thing

You’ve heard of Dog Yoga, Nude Yoga and even Beer Yoga, but what about Yoga Speed Dating? It’s the latest and greatest Yogi trend to hit the fitness scene, and it’s going viral!

So how does it work? If you’re single and ready to mingle, forget Tinder and instead grab yourself a mat - your partner will follow.

Yoga Speed Dating

Just like traditional speed dating where people go around a room switching partners every few minutes, yoga speed dating sees 24 yogis swap partners throughout the evening in a “hot, sweaty and intimate” setting.

You can then practice paired yoga moves and either chat away, focus on the moment or silently sob.

Yoga Speed Dating

It might sound cheesy, and even a little awkward, but yoga speed dating offers singletons the chance to connect spiritually, as well as physically, in a comfortable space.  

“It can be really awkward doing traditionally speed dating, as all of the pressure is on talking, whereas yoga speed dating gives you an activity to bond over.”

Convinced? Visit and search ‘Yoga Speed Dating’ to find your nearest event. The next one coming up is at Pop Brixton, and includes a glitter station, and glass of vegan wine.

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