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May 15, 2018
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The 5 Best Wimbledon Yoga Classes

Yoga is a fantastic discipline if you’re looking to improve your core strength, flexibility, and general wellbeing. There are some wonderful yoga studios located in and around Wimbledon. Here at GoSweat we’ve sampled and selected just five of the best yoga classes Wimbledon has to offer. 


Omyoga | GoSweat | The 5 Best Wimbledon Yoga Studios

Types of classes on offer: Beginner, intermediate, and advanced yoga.Why sweat here? Yogi Mano is passionate about the classes he teaches, and the students that he takes under his wing; you can be assured that you’ll be learning all of the right moves, and reap all of the right benefits. Mano’s classes will help you to tune your body, and to listen to everything it’s saying as you concentrate on sweating.

Location: Wimbledon.

Price: An eight-week course is £90, booked in advance.

Jiva Health

Jiva Health  | GoSweat | The 5 Best Wimbledon Yoga Studios
Jiva Health

Types of classes on offer: Iyengar, Dynamic Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Power, and Chakra Power yoga, for students of every ability.

Why sweat here? It’s time to nourish your soul, and to increase your heart rate. Impassioned, senior instructors teach the yoga classes offered by Jiva Health; each session has been designed to push beginner, intermediate, and advanced students to the very limits of their capabilities without ever compromising their comfort. That first bead of sweat has never been more achievable. Location: Wimbledon.

Price: Sessions start from £11.50 for a drop-in class.

Lauren Yoga

Lauren Yoga  | GoSweat | The 5 Best Wimbledon Yoga Studios
Lauren Yoga

Types of classes on offer: Vinyasa Flow yoga classes and retreats.

Why sweat here? Breathe, relax, restore, and rejuvenate. The classes offered by Lauren Yoga will centre mind, body, and soul, while encouraging students to sweat a little in the process. Vinyasa yoga concentrates on the synchronicity of movement and breath. If you’ve been finding it difficult to take it easy in recent weeks and months, this is one class you can’t afford to miss.Location: South Wimbledon.

Price: Drop-in classes start from £13, although packages are available.

Hot Yoga Wimbledon

Hot Yoga Wimbledon | GoSweat | The 5 Best Wimbledon Yoga Studios
Hot Yoga Wimbledon

Types of classes on offer: Bikram, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Mandala Flow, and Dharma yoga classes, provided with and without music.

Why sweat here? Hot Yoga Wimbledon has a variety of classes, catering to yoga students of every level of ability. What you won’t learn about yoga from these guys just isn’t worth knowing. The studio’s schedule will probably be enough to get you sweating on its own. From warm yoga and sessions with music, to those designed to encourage discipline, there’s something for everyone.Location: Wimbledon.

Price: Drop-in sessions are priced at £18.


Indiyoga | GoSweat | The 5 Best Wimbledon Yoga Studios

Types of classes on offer: Mixed ability yoga.

Why sweat here? Are you ready to be inspired? The yoga classes provided at Indiyoga’s studio are fully equipped, semi-private, and rather indulgent, although don’t let that lure you into a false sense of security; you’re going to sweat it out, make no mistake there. Suzie is a friendly, passionate yogi, and is keen to impart everything she knows.

Location: Wimbledon.

Price: Contact instructor Suzie to find out more.

There’s so much more to Wimbledon than football and tennis. It’s time to say, “Namas-yay” to yoga.

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