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Why Sweat is so Hot

July 17, 2019
What's Hot?

How Sweat can improve your life

One droplet at a time

After last week’s heatwave you might be sick of sweating by now - but with the weather reverting back to traditional Great British Summertime, we’re here to tell you just why it’s good to get moving and sweat a little - or a lot!

Being Sociable

Whether you attend classes at the gym, you’re a member of a running club or you enjoy an early morning swim (you still sweat in the water, you know!), there is an amazing social aspect to exercise. Even the most introverted person still needs that human interaction, and exercise is a great way to meet like minded people who enjoy similar things to you. You can bond over how much your thighs ache after Spin class, or discuss the best recovery techniques after a long run. Socialising with others is a massive mood booster, as is exercising - so doing both together provides a double boost for your mood!

GoSweat | How Sweat can improve your life?


We’ve said it already,, but exercise is really good for your physical and mental wellbeing. People who exercise are less likely to get physically ill, and many people who have suffered with mental illness have found that exercise helps with recovery. Mental wellbeing is so much more than just not having a diagnosis of depression; it’s about enjoying life and feeling good at least some of the time. Exercise can definitely help with this; once those endorphins get going it can make you feel brilliant - especially as you see yourself improving in your chosen sport, getting into a difficult yoga pose or beating a personal best time.


We all love to have a sense of achievement and accomplishment in our lives, but often these days that’s hard to come by. Getting to the next level on Candy Crush might do it for some people, but most of us need something a little more substantial in order to feel we’ve achieved something. This is where exercising and working up a good sweat can really help. We all know that feeling that comes from getting in an early morning workout, then arriving at work with that sense of pride: I’ve already worked out today and it’s only 9am!  That sense of achievement - of hitting goals and targets, lifting the heavier weight, running a little faster, finally picking up the complicated routine in your step class - .gives us a big spike of dopamine, making us feel pretty good about ourselves!

GoSweat | How Sweat can improve your life?

Building Resilience

If there’s one thing exercise is really good for, it’s building resilience and tenacity. When we exercise regularly, this positive stress helps us to cope better with negative stress when it pops up - which it inevitably does! Stress is the plague of modern life and it’s been shown time and again that people who workout on a regular basis are better able to cope with it and less affected by it. Since we can’t eliminate stress from our lives, it’s better to become resilient so that we can deal with it in a positive way.

Sweating on a regular basis is about more than just “getting fit” or having a “bikini body” - it has numerous other benefits and can help you to feel amazing.

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Vicky is a single parent, so most of her sweating comes in the form of chasing a small person around the park! When she can she also likes to do HIIT workouts and go for walks. When not getting sweaty, she loves to read a good book and is an avid blogger.

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