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5 Reasons Why GoSweat for Work is Different

February 11, 2019
HR Wisdom

5 Reasons Why GoSweat Is Different

1. On Trend

There is an overwhelming majority (97%) of employers that think expectations of work are changing. Employees are seeking out a well-being focused workplace and employers are aware of this changing expectation. How we work is changing. It's time for benefits to catch up. GoSweat offers employees the flexibility and well-being support that they come to expect or their employers.

2. Strong Engagement

We take active roll in stimulating employee engagement with the benefit. We will work with you to understand your team and create a rollout that engages with your team so they can use and see the value in GoSweat immediately. Our account managers will be available to offer advice and give materials to help you go the extra mile. Between the GoSweat Rewards, our engagement strategy and your good work, we know we can make GoSweat one the most loved rewards in your package.

3. Diverse Variety

With hundreds of activities in thousands of venues across the nation, the diversity of activities is huge. Wether it be Yoga or Quidditch, you'll find it on GoSweat. Moreover, our experience focus on more than just physical health. We have a number of holistic classes, such as meditation, to support each individual's mind, body and soul.

Holistic Yoga Classes
Holistic Yoga Classes

4. Simply Trackable

The personalised Team Dashboard gives you detailed access to track your team’s progress. Gain insights into a variety of helpful measurements including credit utilisation, number of bookings, your team’s most popular activities, and much more. Plus, you only pay for the employees that use the service. If an employee never engages with the benefit, then you're not charged.

5. Increased Productivity

Sick days and low morale among employees can be the cause of detrimental, long-lasting effects on any business. A fitness benefit can help to significantly reduce the risks of these issues ever arising. In fact, 96% of companies see a direct link between employee health and their performance. A more active team means a happier, healthy, and more productive one too.

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Digme Fitness RIDE Class

Owen is the self-confessed least active member of the GoSweat team. However, his enthusiasm to try new things has helped him discover a number of physical activities that he really enjoys. It won't be long before Owen is trying out for the Olympics - ok, that might be a bit of a stretch but one can dream!

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