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What Is GoSweat for Work?

February 1, 2019
HR Wisdom

The Flexible Well-Being Benefit

GoSweat For Work is an engagement platform that helps improve employee health, happiness and well-being through fitness experiences that appeal to the entire team. Instantly give your employees the freedom to be active however, whenever and wherever they like. We know we make a real impact, that’s why you only pay for those that use our service. GoSweat For Work has something for everyone, not just the select few that other fitness benefits are only suited to.

This flexible fitness benefit allows your employees to break free from the old fitness benefits system. Our wide range of activities, at venues across the UK, means they have the freedom to find a health and fitness routine that fits their lifestyle. Booking is quick and easy and is all paid for using our credit system. With our carefully selected providers your employees will have the opportunity to explore new horizons, discover their next passion and be inspired.

Evoke HIIT Class
Evoke's HIIT Class

A flexible fitness benefit, like GoSweat for Work, is likely to have impacts from as early as the recruitment stage. In any competitive field, businesses need to shine the brightest to attract, retain, and inspire the best talent. Particularly as individuals look for more than just monetary benefits, businesses need to think laterally to incentive potential employees.

A unique, personalised fitness benefit is the perfect addition to any job description. Other companies offer standard fitness benefits, such as gym discounts and office space yoga, or sometimes nothing at all! Meanwhile, you can entice that prospective employee with the freedom to be active however, whenever, and wherever they like - that’s the joy of GoSweat for Work.

If you would like to find out more about how GoSweat for Work works click here.

Owen is the self-confessed least active member of the GoSweat team. However, his enthusiasm to try new things has helped him discover a number of physical activities that he really enjoys. It won't be long before Owen is trying out for the Olympics - ok, that might be a bit of a stretch but one can dream!

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