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Weird Ways to Sweat

September 26, 2017
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The 5 Weirdest Ways to Sweat in South London

If you’re bored with your current workout routine, allow the team at GoSweat to intervene; we’ve scoured the South of London in search of some of the weirdest exercises and classes going, and think we’ve come up trumps with this bunch. Your sweaty body will thank us, we promise.

Quidditch with the London Unspeakables

London Unspeakables Quidditch | GoSweat | The 5 Weirdest Ways to Sweat in South London

Types of session on offer: Regular quidditch training sessions held every Saturday between 12 pm and 4 pm.Why sweat here? Even those unfamiliar with the Potterverse are likely to have heard of quidditch; played atop broomsticks, the sport is beloved among the wizarding community. The ‘muggle’ version of the sport was invented in the US in 2005. A mixed-gender, high impact team sport that’s bags of fun to play, quidditch is taking the world by storm. The Unspeakables were London’s first team, and remain its best.

Location: Clapham South.

Price: For more information, please contact the team via Facebook or email:

Aerial acrobatics with Flying Fantastic

Flying Fantastc | GoSweat | The 5 Weirdest Ways to Sweat in South London

Types of session on offer: Aerial silks, hoop, slings, straps, and trapeze, as well as flexibility training, yoga, and classes for the kids.

Why sweat here? If you’ve ever marvelled at an acrobatics display or gazed in wonder at circus performers, then these are the classes for you. Why burn off calories at the gym when you can sweat with style and grace at the end of a ribbon? Flying Fantastic offers reasonably priced classes in a friendly, encouraging atmosphere. Location: Bankside, Battersea, Wimbledon, and Old Street.

Price: Classes can be paid for with credits, which must be purchased in advance. Prices start at £16 per class.

Hula Hooping with HulaFit

HulaFit | GoSweat | The 5 Weirdest Ways to Sweat in South London

Types of session on offer: High-intensity hula hooping sessions set to music.

Why sweat here? Because you’re a big kid at heart, and nothing appeals more than hula hooping your way to a stronger, more flexible body. HulaFit is fast becoming one of London’s most popular ‘alternative’ fitness classes, and it’s not hard to see why; its classes are great fun, and the routines simple to learn. It’s time to sweat your way to success.Location: Kennington, Camberwell, Hackney, and Kings Cross.

Price: Prices start at £7 per class, which must be pre-booked due to demand.

AntiGravity Yoga

AntiGravity Yoga | GoSweat | The 5 Weirdest Ways to Sweat in South London

Types of session on offer: Hour-long antigravity yoga sessions.

Why sweat here? During a session of antigravity yoga you’ll be suspended from the ceiling in a Harrison Hammock, in which you’ll be able to twist, turn, and invert; so far, so good. This class is said to improve core muscle fitness and flexibility, but we’ll admit we’re tempted purely for a giggle. Well, could you have any more fun in a hammock than this?LocationVarious Virgin Active Gyms across London.

Price: Contact your nearest gym for details of membership packages.


Aquabiking | GoSweat | The 5 Weirdest Ways to Sweat in South London

Types of session on offer: Spinning sessions in a self-contained pool.

Why sweat here? Aquabiking is the perfect sweat session for anyone who enjoys spinning, but wishes it was a little wetter. Combining the effort of peddling with the resistance provided by water, Aquabiking promises to burn more calories, tone legs, and massage the lower body — with absolutely no stress caused to the joints. Besides, who can tell you’re sweaty when you’re submerged in a bath?

Location: Battersea.

Price: Prices started at £30 for a single session.

They say sweat is just your muscles crying. Why not make your muscles weep with these weird and wonderful exercises in South London?

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