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Training the Mind and the Body: Building Wellness in your Organisation

January 10, 2020
HR Wisdom

Ensuring the success of your professional organisation requires more than just the conventional skill development and team building. In fact, companies challenged by employee turnover problems must think outside the box and work to ensure the well-being of each individual.

While Learning and Development (L&D) programmes of all types are linked to higher employee satisfaction and retention rate, employers should also pay specific attention to employees’ physical wellness in conjunction with the rest of the company’s L&D initiatives.

Balance Between Physical Health and Skill Training 

Companies in the UK are already beginning to leverage the synergy between physical wellness programmes and soft-skills development. At Manning Gottlieb OMD, a strong training programme is only half of the picture. Enriching employee well-being is just as important.

“Our approach is simple,” says Clare Walsh, the People Business Partner at Manning Gottlieb OMD. “We need our people to be physically and mentally healthy for them to get the most from other areas of training, and to produce the best work for our clients.”

With that in mind, MG OMD has created a programme called “The Gym” that all employees undergo: Bootcamps, Core Strengthening, Personal Training and the Spa.

“This integration between training and well-being was a key piece of positive feedback given to us following our ‘Best Learning and Development Strategy’ win at the HR Excellence Awards,” Walsh says.

For many companies, these initiatives would be more of a bonus company benefit, not a key driver of an L&D programme. At MG OMD, however, the combination of physical and skill training sets them apart from competitors and is a point of pride for the agency.  

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Wellness Programs Are Also A Productivity Booster

Not only can this tactic give your L&D portfolio a competitive advantage in terms of recruitment and retention, it can be an overall business driver as well.

At a time when 35% of staff are either not very satisfied or not at all satisfied—reported in’s survey for over 150 UK HR and L&D professionals—creative L&D programmes that foster a culture of wellness can yield happier and more productive employees.  

According to a 2019U.S. L&D Report, 72% of companies that utilise innovative training methods are also experiencing a period of financial growth. At the same time, highly engaged employees are often found at organisations that prioritize comprehensive, soft-skills development.

In other words, wellness programs can enhance the efficiency of other necessary trainings, which in turn generates higher levels of productivity in the work environment. The similarity between the UK and USL&D trends reveals that employer wellness is not only becoming a popular training asset but also a necessary part of today’s professional focus.

Take Your Professional Training to the Next Level   

Whether your organisation is looking for ways to ensure employee satisfaction and retention or long-term success, L&D initiatives incorporating wellness training can positively reshape the company culture. Employee wellness can provide potential solutions to the challenges posed by a competitive environment.


To have healthier and happier employees will make a difference in the way business is conducted—for the better!

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Aspen Zhang is a digital marketing and communication intern at professional training and education portals and Studying at Columbia University in New York City, Aspen is passionate about developing learning and development related content that delivers modern and efficient solutions for companies and individuals.

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