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Tooting Boot camps

September 21, 2017
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Tooting Boot camps

Looking for cheap fitness, that let’s you workout outdoors, so you can get in shape whilst enjoying the fresh air and sunshine*? *Subject to unpredictable English weather   

GoSweat have tailor picked the 5 best Tooting Boot camps that let you do just that. GoSweat’s sweaty team has visited everyone, so you can rest(lol)assured your sweat will be on point.

Tone up with the grass between your fingers! Plus first visits = Free boot camps :) ENJOY!

Free Fitness

GoSweat Tooting Boot camps | Free Fitness
Free Fitness

Why Sweat Here? Free Fitness offer fun, tough and challenging classes, suitable for all levels of fitness. There is no shouting, no barking orders, just highly experienced trainers who motivate and push you in the right direction. Different sessions have different focuses, each using slightly different equipment, such as ropes and boxing pads. Expect to get down and dirty doing bear crawls and burpees, all whilst having fun.

Locations: Tooting Bec and Clapham Common.

Price: First Session Free // £40 Unlimited Monthly.


GoSweat Tooting Boot camps | Reach4Fitness

Why Sweat Here? Reach 4 Fitness brings the equipment to you. These classes are far more then just running and bodyweight exercises. Arthur, the trainer opens his magic van, think Hermione and her never ending bag in Harry Potter, and somehow brings out TRx, kettlebells, dynamic balls, Bulgarian bags, resistance bands, ropes, parachutes and boxing gloves.  Always keeping up to date with the latest trends and exercises, Reach 4 Fitness offers exciting and varied classes each week.

Location Tooting Bec

Price: First Session Free // £7 Drop-in Class.

Swift Fitness

GoSweat Tooting Boot camps | Swift Fitness Group.jpg
Swift Fitness

Why Sweat Here? It’s impossible to get through a Swift Fitness Class without a smile on your face. Whether it’s because you get to have a private boogie, whilst you workout wearing wireless headphones – think silent disco Boot Camp! Or because you get to punch away your stresses, whilst making new friends. Or maybe it’s the super friendly instructors. Either way you’ll be working your face muscles through grinning so much.

Locations: Clapham Common, Fulham, London Bridge, Tooting Bec, Battersea Park, Green Park, Brockwell Park, Highbury Fields, Hilly Fields

Price: First Session Free // £12 Drop-in Class

One Element

GoSweat Tooting Bootcamps | One Element
One Element

Why Sweat Here? One Element brings the best in bootcamp training without the shouting. Unique high intensity training  led by professional trainers and experienced athletes. One Element also offers so much more, hosting social events and exciting holidays. They even went to Everest Basecamp! Don’t let that put you off though, these classes are suitable for all levels of fitness and will soon become pretty addictive.

Locations: Barnes, Earlsfield, Putney, St Margarets, Tooting, Twickenham, Wandsworth Common, Wandsworth West Side, Wimledon Park

Price: First Session Free // £45 Unlimited Monthly

British Military Fitness

GoSweat Tooting Boot camp | British Military Fitness
British Military Fitness

Why Sweat Here? Despite what the name suggests, British Military Fitness isn’t an intimidating, hard out bootcamp. It’s a fun, inclusive way of getting fit, which incorporates highly professional skills learnt in the military. British Military Fitness aims to get people of all fitness abilities training together in the great outdoors. They divide all class participants into three main ability groups: Blue for beginners, Red for intermediates and Green for advanced participants. So whatever your level you can work to your potential.

Locations: Wandsworth Park, Wandsworth Common, Battersea Park, Clapham Common, Green Park (plus so many more).

Price: First Session Free // £32 Unlimited Monthly

As you can see, Tooting is a happening place when it comes to the best Bootcamps on offer in London. The only thing you need worry about now is which of our top five classes you’ll try first. Now, it’s time to go sweat it out!

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