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July 17, 2019
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Track and Improve your Health

Do you want to understand what’s really going on inside your body? Well with Thriva’s smart finger-prick blood test, you can do just that, from the comfort of your home.

Introducing the Thriva Kit.

Thriva Kit GoSweat Review.png

A clever little box, which helps you tap into that all important data source - your blood!

Your blood is packed full of amazing data all about you. But unfortunately, getting at it usually means time off work, a trip to the doctor, a big needle and lots of waiting.

Thriva have made it something simple you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Step by Step

Thriva Kit Instructions GoSweat Review.png

The kit itself is divided into 3 logical sections to help guide you through the sample collection process.

Step 1 is all about preparation.

You set up the tube, soak your hand (to increase the blood flow) and then clean the finger you plan to take the blood from, with the alcohol wipe included. Thriva recommend either using your ring finger or little finger. I found the later, had a much quicker blood flow and filled the tube in no time.

Thriva Finger GoSweat Review.png

Step 2 is when you take the sample - aka draw blood!

The lancet, which is included, is spring loaded and works when pressed firmly against the skin, so you don’t see a needle (win). So simply lay your hand facing upwards on the table and press the lancet firmly down on your finger.

Once you’ve pricked your finger it will start to bleed, but not excessively, and you can just gently massage your hand, encouraging a few droplets to fall into the tube.  

*Disclaimer* - I’m terrified of needles, so was not looking forward to this stage but it was surprisingly painless and quick.

Thriva Finger Selfie GoSweat Review

Step 3 is bon voyage time.

Label and post your blood, along with the completed return form, in the prepaid envelope which is included.

Once you’ve posted it this will be sent to the UK’s largest private pathology lab to process. The lab uses various monitoring techniques, including inspections and audits, to promote confidence in laboratory results and ensure quality of the data generated. So you can rest assured, your blood is in good hands!

Thriva Post GoSweat Review.png

What Comes Next?

Once the lab has tested your blood, the data is sent to a qualified GP, who will write a bespoke report explaining your results. Thriva make it really clear what the results actually mean (no doctor lingo here), and they explain exactly what you need to do to improve.

GoSweat can help you make those improvements. With over 25,000 weekly activities, from Yoga to Silent Disco Bootcamps, and even Quidditch (yeah really), we’ve got something to suit you.

It’s never been easier to discover your perfect way to sweat.

With Knowledge, Comes Power

You might ask yourself, ‘Why does it matter what my blood is saying?’.

Well Thriva believe that proactivity means prevention, and everyone knows ‘prevention is better than cure’. Heck, that’s why GoSweat is making it easy to discover sport and fitness, so more people can enjoy the benefits of sweat and hopefully avoid the nasty health implications which can come as a result of being inactive.

The results you get from Thriva’s blood test give you a clear picture of what’s happening inside your body and exactly what you can do to improve your health or just stay on track.

Their subscription package, which starts at £49, makes it easy to track your health over time, and see how day-to-day changes are having an impact. Prioritising your health and maintaining motivation is that much easier when you can see how your body is actually responding.


After 215 Days of consecutive exercise, as part of the GoSweat Founders challenge to do 365 Days of Sport, I’m intrigued to see what the results say. To be continued...

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As you'd expect, from a GoSweat Founder, Steph loves all things sweaty. From SUP to Skiing, she's always searching for the next endorphin fix. Her other loves include animals, adventures and eating out.

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