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The 5 Best Pregnancy Yoga Classes London

May 8, 2018
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The 5 Best Pregnancy Yoga classes London

With its ability to reduce stress, improve quality of sleep, increase muscle strength and flexibility, and develop endurance, the benefits of yoga during pregnancy are well documented. What better way to prepare mind, body, and soul for pre and post-birth? The team at GoSweat has scoured London in search of some of the best pregnancy yoga classes London has to offer. The results of our extensive research can be found below, so take your pick.

GoSweat | The Best Pregnancy Yoga Near Me

Honor Oak Wellness Rooms

Types of yoga on offer: Pregnancy yoga and meditation, and postnatal mother and toddler sessions.

Why sweat here? The Honor Oak Wellness Rooms offers a holistic programme of yoga and meditation for expectant mothers, including focuses on movement, breathing, visualisation, and sound. Suitable from the beginning of the second trimester, these classes are friendly, fun, and comprehensive.

Location: Honor Oak Park and Brockley.

Price: £75 for a block of six classes. These classes must be pre-booked.

Kathleen’s Yoga and Shiatsu

Types of yoga on offer: Pre- and postnatal yoga, including recovery yoga for mother and baby.

Why sweat here? Kathleen’s classes offer expectant mothers a safe and friendly environment in which to practice yoga. From focuses on breathing and movement, to a real emphasis on relaxation, these sessions are designed to keep mother and baby fit and healthy, and to prepare both for the adventure ahead.

Location: Streatham.

Price: £16 per drop-in session, or £96 for a block of eight consecutive classes.

The Shala London

Types of yoga on offer: Classes for mid, late, and post pregnancy, with sessions for mothers and babies.

Why sweat here? The Shala London offers a range of yoga classes for expectant mothers, including workshops for birthing partners with the aim of preparing the whole family unit for childbirth. Conducted in warm, friendly surroundings, these classes are ideal for anyone hoping to embrace those last few months and weeks of pregnancy.

Location: West Norwood.

Price: Pregnant women may trial a class for just £5 to begin with. Prices start at £16 per drop-in session thereafter.

Joyful Body Yoga

Types of yoga on offer: Pregnancy yoga, birthing workshops, and hypnobirthing.

Why sweat here? The classes taught at Joyful Body Yoga are designed to raise a sweat and prepare expectant mothers for the journey ahead; this is your one-stop shop for pregnancy yoga in London. Focusing on breathing techniques and relaxation, the classes empower new mums for a calmer birth. They are suitable for mothers from week 20 of their pregnancy.

Location: Waterloo.

Price: Contact Jayne on 07958 296647 to find out more.

Embody Wellness

Types of yoga on offer: Pregnancy yoga and mother and baby sessions.

Why sweat here? The pregnancy yoga sessions taught by Embody Wellness are designed to relax mother and baby, and to instil good habits prior to your little one’s arrival. From sleep and relaxation, to physical readiness for labour, the classes are relaxed and friendly with a hidden agenda to make you sweat.

Location: Vauxhall.

Price: Prices start from £16 for a one-hour drop-in session.

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