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The Best Beginners’ Yoga Near Me

May 8, 2018
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The Best Beginners’ Yoga Near Me

So, you want to give yoga a try? Congratulations on choosing such a dynamic and interesting class! Walking into a yoga class for the first time can be a daunting experience, so it’s essential you choose your studio wisely. Below are five of GoSweat’s favourite beginners’ yoga near me. Take a peek…

GoSweat | Beginners Yoga Near Me

Yoga Creation

Types of yoga on offer: Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Mysore Yoga.

Why sweat here? The team at Yoga Creation offers a range of beginners’ classes and courses, all designed with the aim of easing you in gently. The studio is passionate about all things yoga, and will ensure you’re completely comfortable with everything you’re about to attempt. Oh, and we should probably mention that its class spaces are bright and friendly, too.

Location: Across the river in Canary Wharf.

Price: Prices start at £16 for a single session.

Light Centre Monument

Types of yoga on offer: Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, and Ashtanga Yoga for beginners and beyond.

Why sweat here? The Light Centre is considered one of London’s leading yoga and Pilates venues, so it’s well worth a visit if you’re even half-serious about taking up a new class. The studio’s beginners’ course is designed for a maximum of 12 people, so you know you’re going to get all of the attention, tutelage and support that you need as you master yoga for the first time.

Location: Just across the river in Monument.

Price: Prices start at £13 per session based upon a 45-minute class.

The Blackheath Yoga Group

Types of yoga on offer: Asanas, Pranayama, Relaxation, and Meditation Yoga.

Why sweat here? Wandering into your very first yoga class can be a little daunting, but the Blackheath Yoga Group ensures that your fears are left at the door. Warm and welcoming, its classes are designed for beginners and beyond, guiding you through dozens of new experiences as you get to grips with yoga and all it has to offer.

Location: Blackheath.

Price: Prices start at £11.50 for a single drop-in session.

Stillpoint Yoga London

Types of yoga on offer: Ashtanga Yoga.

Why sweat here? Stillpoint Yoga is a fantastic studio for newbies, offering a safe, friendly, and warm environment in which to begin your yoga enlightenment. The studio was established in 2009, and its instructors are incredibly knowledgeable about everything you could hope to learn about yoga. You’ll discover patience, mindfulness and willpower with Stillpoint Yoga.

Location: London Bridge.

Price: Prices start at £15 for a single drop-in session, although packages are available.

South Bank Yoga

Types of yoga on offer: Iyengar Yoga.

Why sweat here? Yogi Brenda Hobdell is incredibly passionate about yoga, and ensures that all of her classes are taught with the same level of care and precision. Beginners will be in good hands at South Bank Yoga, as Brenda guides you through the steps associated with Iyengar Yoga. These classes promise to change your way of thinking. Besides, won’t it be fun to discover a new way to sweat?

Location: South Bank.

Price: Prices start at £10 a session, but are dependent upon the session type and time you’re undertaking.

We’ve no doubt that you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a yoga studio. You’re about to embark upon a great, sweaty adventure. We’re a little jealous, if we’re honest!

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