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SweatCast | Sam & Lyanne

April 3, 2018

SweatCast | Sam and Lyanne, Strongher

On this week’s edition of the SweatCast we have on the former professional dancers and founders of StrongHer, Sam Prynn, and Lyanne Hudson. On this episode, we cover issues regarding not only the lack of women in fitness but the lack of those enjoying it. We try to tackle this problem on both an industry-wide and general level. Other highlights include body image, social media and how to not be intimidated in the gym. Lyanne states that when she is trying to focus she “counts down like a rocket ship. 5..4..3..2..1.. Launch”.

You can listen to the podcast on iTunes.

GoSweat | SweatCast StrongHer

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Originally from New York, Jack is a newbie to London and is more of a traditionalist when it comes to fitness as he enjoys both strength training and H.I.I.T. workouts. In his free time he loves to travel around Europe and is also currently a masters student at the London School of Economics.

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