Is wanting a ‘Summer Body’ incentive enough?

July 30, 2018

Is wanting a ‘Summer Body’ incentive enough?

When the sun comes out in the UK, a great stripe-tease commences, as everyone skimps on their clothing and reveals flesh that’s been hidden-away, underlays and lays, for months.

Summer, for me at least, is the best time of the year. The warmer weather brings out a carefree side of people that is reflected in their smiles and bright coloured clothes. But it also brings out people’s body-insecurities, that often go unnoticed in the colder months, when we’re all wrapped up.

The desire to ‘drop a dress size’ becomes a frantic mission, as pounds of fat are sought to be lost before holidays, weddings or the weekend. But is wanting a ‘summer body’ incentive enough to start (and stick to) a fitness regime?

Is wanting a 'summer body' incentive enough?

The honest answer is that only you can tell. The desire to get your body ‘summer ready’ might be enough to help you start exercising, but what keeps you going back might be the fact you find it fun, or you enjoy the sense of achievement or like seeing your progress.

When Julie Creffield, author and Founder of Too Fat to Run, came on as a guest on the SweatCast, she advocated the benefit of creating and sticking to a 'Big Fat Goal'. Julie spoke on the importance of creating a sustainable fitness program that fits your body and your needs.

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