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Street Self-Defense

August 15, 2018
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Street Self-Defense - The reality and why should you train Urban Krav Maga 360?

What does Street self-defense entail? Broadly speaking there are no rules on the street, no code of honor and no referee to time out or intervene. This manifests itself in a way that you have to be prepared for - and train for. The techniques we teach and focus on are grounded in three things - simplicity, speed, and efficiency.  

Urban Krav 360 has the ‘360’ in its name for a reason - as we focus relentlessly on three key areas:

Urban Krav Maga 360 | GoSweat
Urban Krav Maga 360

1) Functional Fitness

You utilize a different set of motion, range, and muscles when we train street functional fitness. It is very much scenario based - can you get up off the floor quickly and sprint ? are you able to manoveure through obstacles and an environment quickly and effectively - and utliise that to your advantage? Can you go from a normal breathing rate to very high intensity in less than a few seconds? How does your brain and mental function cope under stress when you are tired and scared? Whilst this is not a fitness class, you will experience a different type of conditioning which will no doubt improve your overall fitness unlike any other class.

2) Situational awareness?

Do you know what it going on around you? No, do you really know what is going on around you? Are your headphones in and looking down at your phone with your hood up… Situational awareness is a key component of what we cover - how do you stay alert and ready, think through exit plans quickly if you need to, be aware of what a threat looks like and feels like. Also verbal and pre fight confrontation - your body is flooded with an array of complex chemical reactions in high danger scenarios - what and why - and how do you control and react is an important principle to be aware of.  

3) Techniques

The training you may have done in a boxing ring or an MMA cage - particularly if focused on sparring will undoubtedly help. But it’s a lawless world out there on the road. There are no rules. The techniques we teach and focus on are grounded in three things - simplicity, speed and efficiency. These are important and may not be to everyone’s taste but it’s a reality based self defence system for a reason. We train for realistic scenarios - grabs, headlocks, verbal confrontation, multiple attackers, weapon attacks, ground fighting and many more scenarios, as well as teaching correct striking form. It’s important we focus on technique so that our students - irrespective of age or gender can apply and use them effectively. That is key. If it’s too complex or depends on strength as it’s primary lever then it stops becoming something that is available to all in their self-defence armoury.

Lastly - we also recognise that to create a fun, ego free but still intense and hard working training environment is absolutely vital - and is one of our success pillars as proven by multiple 5* reviews by students. Feel free to contact me with any questions or come along to a class to learn more. For more details visit and follow us on instagram at urbankrav360.  

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