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Streatham Yoga & Pilates

September 26, 2017
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The 6 Best Streatham Yoga and Pilates Studios

Can't decide between Streatham Yoga or Streatham Pilates, well now you don't have to. Yoga and Pilates go hand in hand; focusing on core strength, flexibility, relaxation of mind and bod, and toning muscle, both disciplines offer numerous opportunities to get a sweat on. If you’re struggling to choose one over the other, take our advice - choose both. To get you started, GoSweat has compiled a list of the six best Streatham Yoga and Streatham Pilates studios.

The Shala

The Shala | GoSweat | The 6 Best Streatham Yoga and Streatham Pilates
The Shala

Types of classes on offer: Beginner, intermediate and advanced yoga and Pilates.Why sweat here? The Shala is a well-established yoga and Pilates centre dedicated to health and wellbeing that offers numerous opportunities to get to try out the sweatiest of yoga and Pilates classes. It offers classes that cater for varying degrees of ability in both disciplines, so you’re never likely to want for a challenge.

Location: Chestnut Road, West Norwood.

Price: From £16 for a single class and from £45 for a monthly pass.

Perfect Poise Pilates

Perfect Poise Pilates  | GoSweat | The 6 Best Streatham Yoga and Streatham Pilates
Perfect Poise Pilates

Types of classes on offer: Pilates.

Why sweat here? Instructor Danielle’s approach to Pilates is calm and friendly, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be expected to sweat - even if it’s just a little. Danielle qualified as a Matwork Pilates Instructor with Pilates teacher training organisation Body Control Pilates, and what she doesn’t know about the discipline isn’t worth knowing.

Location: St Peter’s Church, Leigham Court Road, Streatham.

Price: £13.50 per class or £66 for a six-week course when booked in advance.

Yoga Embodied

Yoga Embodied  | GoSweat | The 6 Best Streatham Yoga and Streatham Pilates
Yoga Embodied

Types of classes on offer: Vinyasa flow yoga, prenatal yoga and postnatal yoga.

Why sweat here? Combining relaxation with dynamic yoga, registered Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT) Anja’s classes offer a safe, fun environment in which to sweat your cares away. Experienced, knowledgeable and passionate, Anja is the perfect Yogi to guide beginners through their introduction to this peaceful yet invigorating pastime.

Location: Woodbourne Avenue, Streatham High Street, Streatham.

Price: From £14 for a single class, packages available.

Hope Pilates

Hope Pilates  | GoSweat | The 6 Best Streatham Yoga and Streatham Pilates
Hope Pilates

Types of classes on offer: Candlelight hatha yoga, vinyasa dynamic yoga and Zen yoga, reformer Pilates, prenatal Pilates, mum and baby Pilates, hardcore Pilates, PiYo, women-only mat Pilates, men’s reformer Pilates and Bootilates.  

Why sweat here? Hope Pilates offers budget-friendly, high-quality classes for all. Its philosophy is one of empowerment - taking a class with Hope Pilates means you’re more than likely going to feel like you can conquer the world afterwards.

Location: Streatham Place, Streatham.

Price: From £15 per class on a drop-in basis and from £60 a month for membership.

Palace Pilates

Palace Pilates  | GoSweat | The 6 Best Streatham Yoga and Streatham Pilates
Palace Pilates

Types of classes on offer: General Pilates, core Pilates.

Why sweat here? As you’d hope from a studio called Palace Pilates, the instruction on offer is first class. Founder Suzanne Wooder has spent years honing her craft and talent, and the studio works closely with the Body Control Pilates Association and Crystal Palace Physiotherapy Group to ensure its teachings are the best they can be.

Location: National Sports Centre, Crystal Palace Park, Crystal Palace; Phoenix Centre, Westow Street, Crystal Palace; Salvation Army Centre, Westow Street, Crystal Palace.

Price: £72 for a six-week course.

When it comes to yoga and Pilates you get what you put in, so if you want to sweat a bucketload you’ve got to be prepared to reach that little bit further and bend just a little more - it’s well worth it, we promise!

Kathleen’s Yoga

Kathleen’s Yoga  | GoSweat | The 6 Best Streatham Yoga and Streatham Pilates
Kathleen's Yoga

Types of classes on offer: Hatha yoga, prenatal yoga and postnatal yoga.

Why sweat here? Kathleen Beegan is a registered yoga and shiatsu practitioner and teaches a range of classes that aim to relax the body, improve breathing and circulation and increase flexibility without force. Although Kathleen’s a gentler approach to yoga, you’ll certainly know you’ve attended one of her classes - in a good way, of course!

Location: Stanthorpe Road, Streatham.

Price: From £15 for a single class.

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