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South London Boot Camps

September 26, 2017
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The 5 Best Boot Camps in South London

Here at GoSweat, we love a good boot camp as much as the next person. When it comes to getting sweaty alongside a bunch of similarly intimidated boot camp students, we’re more likely to be bouncing towards the front asking for more than running for the hills. However, you can hardly join in if you don’t know where South London’s best boot camps are being held. Here are some of our favourites...

Fitness Choices Bootcamps

Fitness Choices Bootcamp | GoSweat | The 5 Best Bootcamps in South London
Fitness Choices Bootcamps

Types of bootcamp on offer: Bootcamps created specifically for women.Why sweat here? The bootcamps on offer from Fitness Choices are designed specifically for the ladies. While mixed gender bootcamps can be great fun, it’s often nice for women to be able to switch off and sweat in the company of similarly spirited and sassy lasses. These bootcamps are heralded amongst London’s best.

Location: Burgess Park, Camberwell.

Price: Please visit the website for details of packages and memberships.

Burn It Fitness

Burn It Fitness | GoSweat | The 5 Best Bootcamps in South London
Burn It Fitness

Types of bootcamp on offer: Outdoors fitness training and intensity bootcamp.

Why sweat here? While Burn It Fitness offers a variety of classes and personal training sessions, the centre’s intensity bootcamp and outdoor fitness training sessions particularly excite us.

As you’d expect from the name, this is one centre that means business. Training sessions are challenging and fun, designed to teach participants to sweat it out with confidence and commitment.Location: Blackheath.

Price: Outdoors training sessions start at £12 each, although memberships are available.

Bootcamp SE16

Bootcamp SE16 | GoSweat | The 5 Best Bootcamps in South London
Bootcamp SE16

Types of bootcamp on offer: Drills and circuits, postnatal classes, metabolic training, recovery sessions, and corporate bookings.

Why sweat here? SE16 aims to inject the fun into getting sweaty while introducing a means of working out that students will actually stick to. Its bootcamps are incredibly engaging and offer a sense of community that many gyms are lacking. These classes are for anyone who’s tried, and failed, to get steadily sweaty and fit in the past.Location: Stave Hill Park, London.

Price: Sessions start at £8 each, although memberships are available.

The Amazons Fitness Bootcamp

The Amazon Fitness Bootcamp | GoSweat | The 5 Best Bootcamps in South London
The Amazon Fitness Bootcamp

Types of bootcamp on offer: Running training, personal training, and express sessions designed for women.

Why sweat here? The Amazons Fitness Bootcamp is another camp run for women, adding empowerment to the list of incredible things that a healthy dose of sweating can do. These sessions are tailored to the individual, ensuring that participants are challenging themselves in a new way each time.Location: South West London.

Price: Please see the website for details of packages, prices, and tailored private sessions.

Barry’s Bootcamp

Barry's Bootcamp | GoSweat | The 5 Best Bootcamps in South London
Barry's Bootcamp

Types of bootcamp on offer: A class that blends cardio, running, and weight training.

Why sweat here? Barry’s Bootcamp is motivational, exciting and totally original. These classes offer a high-intensity workout that continues to burn calories even after you’ve headed home and rinsed off in the shower; fun and funky, these classes are not to be missed. Oh, and they’re something of an international phenomenon too, so look out for further franchises...

Location: East, West, and Central London.

Price: Prices start at £20 per class.

So, there you have it — some of London’s best bootcamps. Where will you choose to GoSweat today?

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