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September 2019: Provider Spotlight

September 25, 2019
What's Hot?

At GoSweat, we pride ourselves on achieving up to 83% employee engagement. One of the ways we’ve reached this is through our extensive and varied portfolio of wellness experiences. During this month, we’ve made fantastic additions to our catalogue. New providers are hand-picked based on a combination of the UK’s latest wellness trends, employee special requests and even on the changing seasons (yes, it is now Autumn).

The following are our top picks for the month, and why you should try them!


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This studio offers a truly immersive experience with amazing screens which exhibit beautiful and relaxing landscapes, literally transporting you away from the city whilst being one step out of your office. Yoga and Dynamic Mat Pilates are on offer at this unique venue. We were hooked after the first class!

2. Vertical Chill

Winter is coming (literally) and we wanted to ensure that even if you’re not visiting the Alps this year, you won’t miss out on the rush and adrenaline. Vertical Chill offers ice climbing with a real ice wall... right in the heart of Covent Garden! Don’t worry if you’ve never done it before (who has?), because there are options for both beginners and professionals. If you are looking for an adventure, then this is a must-try.

3. Cirq

Our friends at Cirq have made it impossible to use a “tight schedule” as an excuse for not working out. This venue provides a fully immersive fitness experience, with exercises that can be visualized on a screen at each stage of the circuit. Intensive cardio and strength intervals during 40 min, as well as hundreds of exercise combinations, will ensure you are burning calories every second of your precious workout time.

4. Rowbots

If you are looking for intensity and effectiveness, then we’ve found the perfect match. Combining rowing machines, with floor work and mental conditioning, Rowbots offers an unparalleled training session. While ensuring minimal impact on your joints, workouts still manage to activate every major muscle group. Trainers are the pick of the bunch and you will recognise them from Barry’s Bootcamp. Book a session if you want to learn what smart training is about.

5. Tranquility Pilates

If you are looking for more targeted, low-impact training, this studio offers state of the art facilities for reformer, mat and arc pilates. Small-sized classes allow teachers to focus on you and cater exercise sequences to your needs. Located at the heart of Blackfriars, this venue is ideal to increase flexibility, strengthen the core and improve posture.

We’d love to hear from you! Get in touch and tell us which provider was your favorite and any more experiences you’d like to see on our platform.

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