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Reformer Pilates Near Me

September 26, 2017
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The Best Reformer Pilates Near Me

Much like its mat-based sibling, Reformer Pilates is ideal for anyone looking to stabilise and strengthen muscles, improve flexibility and balance, and tone their body. Unlike the Pilates you might have become accustomed to, though, it’s performed on a raised bed, which features an array of pulleys and springs to help you work your very core. You’ve never experienced a sweat quite like it!

If your curiosity has been piqued, take a look at these five Reformer Pilates studios near me…

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Bootcamp Pilates

Types of Pilates on offer: Dynamic Reformer Pilates.

Why sweat here? Since its first studio opened in 2005, the team behind Bootcamp Pilates has prided itself on providing something of a workout revolution across London. A franchise that spans the city, Bootcamp Pilates boasts passionate instructors, state-of-the-art equipment, and some fantastic workout spaces. You’ll certainly be able to work up a sweat in these intense, but fun conditions.

Location: Notting Hill, Shoreditch, Strand, Fulham, Windsor, Richmond and Surbiton.

Price: It’s worth checking the details of your nearest studio for more details.

Dynamic Reformer Pilates Clapham

Types of Pilates on offer: Reformer Pilates.

Why sweat here? The one-to-one sessions offered by fully qualified and dedicated instructor Polly Webb should remind you how good your body could feel, if only you made the most of it. Indeed, her blend of Stott Mat, Reformer, and Dynamic Pilates — taught in a bright and airy attic studio — will help you to feel as good as new, and encourage you to sweat like you’ve never sweated before.

Location: Clapham.

Price: Prices start at £60 for an hour, although packages can be purchased.

Pilates and Rehab Greenwich

Types of Pilates on offer: Mat and Reformer Pilates.

Why sweat here? The team at Pilates and Rehab is dedicated, to say the least. Qualified in mat and Reformer Pilates, the instructors offer fitness classes and injury rehabilitation, ensuring you’re always getting the most out of your sessions. Take it easy or push yourself — you know how much your body can handle. Fully insured and with plenty of experience, this is one studio that knows its onions... or Pilates.

Location: Greenwich, with home visits available.

Price: Prices start at £15 per drop-in session.

Grove Pilates Studio

Types of Pilates on offer: Mat and Reformer Pilates.

Why sweat here? Grove Pilates offers the best of both worlds; a light and friendly studio space for mat Pilates, and a homely, well-stocked area for Reformer Pilates. Whatever it is you’re looking to achieve, the team at Grove Pilates can help. Its classes are offered to complete beginners and up, meaning that it’s never too late to pick up a new hobby. We just know you’re going to love the new lease of life that Reformer Pilates offers.

Location: Earlsfield.

Price: Prices start at £15 per class.

Dynamica Pilates

Types of Pilates on offer: Reformer Pilates.

Why sweat here? At Dynamica you’ll experience Reformer Pilates like never before, ensuring you’re making the most of your workout and body, at every turn. The studio’s expert instructors will challenge you and push your body to its limits, all while making sure you’re having a great time.

Location: Clapham.

Price: Single classes start at £20 each.

The team at GoSweat is rather partial to Reformer Pilates; come along and join us at any of these amazing studios in London some time.

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