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Putting Health and Wellbeing at the heart of your benefits strategy

June 11, 2019
HR Wisdom

It’s great to see that in many companies, employee wellbeing has become more and more important. This is undeniably true for one of the UK’s leading Fintechs MarketInvoice. Rachel Ferguson, their People Operations Manager, believes one of the most important parts of her role is employee wellbeing. I recently chatted with Rachel to find out all about how MarketInvoice promotes a supportive company culture that focuses on employee wellbeing. It soon became clear that Rachel’s insights would be valuable to anyone seeking to improve employee wellbeing in their own company.

MarketInvoice’s vision is for entrepreneurs to have the time to build the world we all want to live in. They get stuff done quickly, challenging themselves to do more – and to do it better. They work, celebrate, share ideas, eat (lots of biscuits) and are always learning together as a team.

Rachel’s passion was immediately evident, as she appreciates the time and energy we all spend at work. Thus her goal is to create something that will work for as many people and help MarketInvoice to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Rachel explained that the market is a very competitive space, and engaging top talent is a key priority. Getting the right talent into the business, ensuring the right environment for them to be productive, collaborative and engaged – helping them grow with the business by hitting work and personal goals. As she mentioned, we spend so much time together at work it’s important everyone is happy, focussed, aligned and agile.

Rachel noted that one of the ways MarketInvoice supports employee wellbeing is by engaging employees with a lot of benefits post-probation period. They meet with every employee after this stage to run through their benefits with them. Employees being aware of their benefits is a critical first step in any employee wellbeing initiative. Slack was also mentioned as an excellent way for everyone to communicate and collaborate to make sure that everyone is involved. Rachel explained that it is very much a collaborative approach, so they don’t have specific individuals that are targeted.

When it comes to employee perks, Rachel had a great list filled with a variety of perks. From the more grounded perks such as EAP, pension and season ticket loans; to more unique perks such as a free Kindle. Rachel described how his perk in particular ties into their core company value of ‘always be learning’. Employees can use the device for anything and get unlimited e-books. Plus, just like us at GoSweat, office dogs are a huge cultural touchstone for MarketInvoice.

When it comes to employee feedback, Rachel again took me through ways in which she seeks to stay consistently engaged and commutative with everyone. The one I want to highlight is the ‘Culture Club’ they have at MarketInvoice. A group of employees (which anyone can join) that support the employee wellbeing through various events, fundraising activities, TED talks and celebrating awareness dates. The Culture Club has existed for many years now at MarketInvoice and has arranged some great activities from skills auctions, quiz nights, wine tasting to bowling. Such activities are a great way of engaging employees on non-work related topics, helping build an environment of companionship above and beyond work.

MarketInvoice even hosts a monthly cooked breakfast for the whole company. Each team takes it in turn to cook, which Rachel noted was a really nice way to get people talking and collaborating with one another.

She believes it’s really important that businesses consider their employee’s mental health and wellbeing just as much as their physical wellbeing. . Rachel commented on the importance of an open and honest culture and was proud of the great work MarketInvoice has done to support such a culture.

It was a pleasure speaking with Rachel and I thoroughly appreciated her taking the time to give me an insight into the work she and her team do at MarketInvoice. I came away inspired by Rachel’s passionate and dedicated approach to improving employee wellbeing. It is always great to hear from companies who focus a lot of time and attention on improving employee wellbeing.

Alex is a Cheerleader, not literally pompom wheelding (unfortunately), but he does install enthusiasm and drive performance, and has been known to do the occasional jig.

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