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Our favourite cardio workouts this month

July 17, 2019
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Cardi-oh yes! Our favourite cardio workouts this month

Hello August you cardio-tastic month! Now that the final month of summer has arrived (sad, sad times), we’re rounding up our favourite cardio workouts, this month with an outdoor theme so that you can enjoy the last of the summer outside. FitBits at the ready folks, here are your top 5 cardio workouts for August:


GoSweat Cardio Workouts | Bootcamps

Bootcamp is notoriously gruelling when it comes to cardiovascular work, so if you want to get sweaty in your local park (or muddy, as is quite often the case) then this is a good way to do it. Channel your inner cadet and prepare to feel sore.

Check out LiveFitTUF and Swift Fitness for great bootcamps.


GoSweat Cardio Workouts | Tennis

Wimbledon may be over, but Tennis is a feel-good outdoor workout that stays popular all year round. If you want to mix up your cardio exercise, this is a great one to incorporate either as an occasional game or a weekly workout. Who knows, if you start training now you could give Federer a run for his money by next summer.

Find your nearest Tennis instructor or club, here

Trail Running / Running Club

GoSweat Cardio Workouts | Running

Trail running involves running on a trail (surprisingly) with a unique terrain to challenge your running skills. Typically we Londoners need to head to a more rural area to get the best trail running spots, but you don’t often have to venture too far. If you can’t make it out of the city regularly for trail running, you can keep up your cardio fitness by joining your local running club. Also a great way to get out and enjoy any last minute sun. 

Find your local London running club through GoSweat.

Hill Training

GoSweat Cardio Workouts | Hill Training

Hill training is as straightforward as it sounds: you run up hills for exercise. But don’t be fooled, as this takes cardio to the extreme, and makes trail running look like a piece of cake. Be sure to pace yourself and be ready to sweat. Like, really sweat. If you’re a Londoner and you’re vastly lacking in hills, try finding some gradual inclines to start off with, and graduate to running (carefully) up stairs to kick your cardio up a notch.


GoSweat Cardio Workouts | SUP

SUP, or stand up paddleboarding, isn’t usually thought of as a cardio workout, but it can become one if you up the effort. If you’re a regular SUP-er and you want to start incorporating a little cardio into each session, take a look at THIS YouTube video with some exercise ideas to get your heart rate going and improve your fitness.

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Caitlin is a freelance writer based in London, and spends her time enjoying mid-week fitness adventures and regular travel. She loves bouldering, good old fashioned walking, and dreams of one day running the Rome Marathon. You can read her blogs about freelance life on Desk Life Project.

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