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'New Year, New You' comes early

June 15, 2018
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‘New Year, New You' comes early: why summer is the best time to start your resolutions

Why when the days are longest, the weather coldest and our moods the lowest, do we insist on trying to transform our lives with New Year Resolutions?

Summer New Year New You Resolutions

For many the start of a New Year marks an opportunity to start afresh, to launch a ‘new’ version of ourselves where we accomplish every goal we’ve ever wanted to, instantly. For a few days, we don’t drink, we turn our phones off at 9pm, read before bed, get 8 hours sleep, exercise, eat-well and generally act smug, as we superhuman our way through the day.

But for 99.9% of us installing so many changes into our daily routine is unsustainable, and we end up bucking most of them before January is out.

There’s a new trend, though, that’s proving much more promising, ‘Summer Resolutions’. The sun's shining (most the time), the days are long and joyous and people are baring their flesh and flashing smiles. The world feels like a much happier place when the British Summer rolls around, and that positivity rubs off on us all.

With all the positive vibes, that summer brings, it’s the perfect time to add a resolution into your life. My top tip, ‘start small, and build up’. Don’t try and change everything at once but instead pick one change and incorporate that into your life first. Make sure the change suit you, by using the discovery feature to recommend activities personally for you. That way you’ll be much likelier to incorporate it into your life (for good).  

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