Why a new challenge is good for the soul.

June 21, 2018
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Why a new challenge is good for the soul.

Your soul needs nourishment just like your body. So keep your soul stimulated with a new challenge, that will excite and delight you to your very core.

With the humdrum of everyday life it can be easy to neglect that little fire that burn inside all of us. The fire that ignites every time we feel love, happiness, excitement or a sense of pride and achievement. Taking time to fuel that fire, can play dividend to your overall mood and mental wellbeing.

Taking on a new challenge, no matter how big or small, can insight a range of feelings in ourselves, that we wouldn’t typically feel on a day-to-day basis. Feelings that are so important for nourishing the soul, and ensuring we feed it a range of emotions (not just ‘I’m hungry’).

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But ‘what to do?’, we hear you say. There are 1,000’s, if not tens of thousands, of new challenges that you could try, but knowing which one is right for you is hard. Well fear not, GoSweat’s discovery tool, takes 30 seconds and will tell you your perfect activities, that are local and bookable.

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As you'd expect, from a GoSweat Founder, Steph loves all things sweaty. From SUP to Skiing, she's always searching for the next endorphin fix. Her other loves include animals, adventures and eating out.

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