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6 Reasons to play Netball in 2018

July 17, 2019
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Why is Netball so great...?

Playing netball is so much more than just another way to stay fit. So we’ve picked out just a few of the reasons we heart netball <3

1) Meet New People


Skip the treadmill, it doesn’t talk to you, and instead play netball – you’re bound to get chatting to whoever you’re marking. Even if it is only to apologize (again) for stepping on their foot!

2) And see old ones…!


You might already have an old friend who wants to play netball. Find a netball league near you and rekindle that friendship by shooting some hoops together!

3) Stay Fit


It’s hard to stay fit, when you’ve got to fit in your social life and work, so why not do them all at once and get to know your work colleagues whilst you play netball and get fit all at once.

4) Get Focused


Playing sports or doing any kind of fitness can do wonders for your concentration. Giving yourself that time to switch off and think about nothing but your body, means that when you go back to work you’ll have a clear mind.

5) Ensure you leave work on time


Having a good work/life balance is key and when you’re playing netball you wont be able to hang around, doing one more thing, you’ll be going to smash it!


6) Improve your mood :)


Heard of the saying ‘There’s no such thing as a bad run’ – well the same logic applies here. You wont regret playing netball because you’ll be too smug with yourself for doing that supper great pass/ scoring the winning goal/ intercepting that ball / playing / meeting people…. Etc!


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