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May Sweat Forecast

May 2, 2018
What's Hot?

May Sweat Forecast

Is that Summer creeping over the horizon? Oh how we've missed the sunshine, the light evenings, the fresh air…! Make the most of the longer days with GoSweat’s top pick of fitness classes happening this May. Go on, GoSweat, no excuses now….

The Big Retreat Wales in Pembrokeshire, from £39 a ticket

GoSweat | The Big Welsh Retreat

Fancy an adventure, packed with classes, activities, treats, eats, music and so much more? Us too! The Big Retreat Wales takes place 25th - 28th May 2018, in the heart of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. It’s a beautiful setting, and you’ll be spoilt for choice of what to do, from shore-walks to bushcraft skills, so arrive early to fit it all in. Plus pitch your tent, so you can camp, and stay late to enjoy the live music.

Discover more and book here.

Fitness, Protein & Performance in Soho, for £20

Innerfit | GoSweat

Who doesn't love a good fitness event? This Fitness, Protein & Performance event, by Innerfit, will equip you with simple mindset techniques, that you will be able to use immediately to transform your performance life to the levels of excellence that you desire. The evening will start a with a workshop with Mindset Coach, Vida Scanell, before moving onto a circuit of challenging exercises, which test both mind and body. To finish you'll tuck into some post-workout protein, courtesy of Leon, and leave with a goodie bag - jammed full of tasty treats. 

Discover more and book here.

Yoga Speed Dating in Brixton, for £15

GoSweat | Yoga Speed Dating

You’ve heard of Dog Yoga, Nude Yoga and even Beer Yoga, but what about Yoga Speed Dating? It’s the latest and greatest Yogi trend to hit the fitness scene! So how does it work? If you’re single and ready to mingle, forget Tinder and instead grab yourself a mat - your partner will follow. Just like traditional speed dating where people go around a room switching partners every few minutes, yoga speed dating sees 24 yogis swap partners throughout the evening in a “hot, sweaty and intimate” setting. This event comes complete with a glitter station and a glass of vegan wine. So what are you waiting for?

Discover more and book here.

Yoga Claire in Clapham and Brixton, for £10

GoSweat | Yoga Claire

Claires's weekly classes focus on a topical and relevant theme that connects the asanas (poses) in a flowing sequence. May's classes are a celebration of spring, they’ll feature variations on Surya Namaskara to try to coax the sun back out from behind the clouds as well as vrkasana (tree pose) to honour the glorious blossom gracing the streets of Brixton and Clapham at the moment and various bird poses, to recognise the dawn chorus! 

Discover more and book here.

HulaHoop with HoopTone in Brixton, for £12

GoSweat | HoopTone

HOOPTONE is a cardio workout designed by 8 x Guinness world record holder Marawa The Amazing. Spin into shape with adult size hula hoops and tone your core whilst listening to carnival tunes! Forget sit ups, this is the BEST way to work your midsection. Hoops are provided and classes are suitable for hoop beginners to hoop pros!

Discover more and book here.

Fast as Fugly in Brixton, for £12

GoSweat | Fit As Fugly

FIT AS FUGLY presents a fast-paced 30 minute HOT HIIT class, for all fitness levels. It’s a perfect hard-hitting lunchtime workout for those shot on time, but in need of a heavy sweat! Short bursts of high-intensity bodyweight exercises, followed by glorious rest intervals. Plus after-class, grab lunch with your fellow sweaters, and meet new, fun, like-minded people.

Discover more and book here.

Barre Workout in Battersea, for £15

GoSweat | Eve & Grace

Barre is a fun, energetic, workout that fuses techniques from dance, pilates and yoga that will tone and define your whole body. You will utilise the bar and work on your upper and lower body with a series of sequences. All within the beautiful, Eve & Grace boutique studio, where you can go and slow down, reconnect and just be, with no judgement.  

Other classes include Yoga, Pilates, Dance, and of course, Barre.

Discover more and book here.

Beginners Boxing in Clapham Junction, free taster

GoSweat | 12 Rounds Boxing

Enjoy a fab free taster and be introduced to the techniques and fitness involved in boxing. In the initial session you’ll learn the correct stance, how to guard yourself and basic footwork and punches, giving you a full body workout. The instructors are fantastic and aim to teach the skill of boxing in a fun and supportive environment.

Discover more and book here.

Parkour in Vauxhall, for £10

GoSweat | Parkour

Reconnect with the outdoors and the city through movement and play. Overcome obstacles with functional, dynamic movement. Develop the tools to overcome fear and challenge in any form. And of course, have a great time. The idea of these hour-long classes is to explore ways of moving and applying your body that can be functional, creative and adaptable. Sessions will involve aspects of martial arts, tricking, circus, acrobatics, parkour, natural movement and more!

Discover more and book here.

Dynamic Yoga in Balham, for £10

GoSweat | Yoga with Chloe

YwC classes provide you with a workout, a stretch, but also a mental detox; allowing you chance to unwind and relieve stress. Combining Ashtanga yoga with other yoga influences to take you through a series of asanas, before finishing with a five minute guided relaxation.

Discover more and book here.

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