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Incorporating cycling into your fitness routine

December 10, 2019
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Why incorporating cycling into your fitness routine is worth it for long term health?

Flexibility is one key element that millennials value highly when choosing a company to work for, so if you want to make your staff happy, why not offer them the chance to choose from thousands of fitness options offered by GoSweat? A fit staff is also a more productive, happier one. With sports like cycling, employees can also be more environmentally sustainable, doing their share to lower the carbon footprint, reduce traffic, and enjoy a challenging cardio workout that will boost both their physical and mental health!

Why is Cycling an Ideal Activity for People of All Ages?

A study undertaken by researchers at the Human Performance Laboratory of the Appalachian State University has found that cycling is an optimal form of exercise for people of all ages, for two important reasons: it causes less damage to the joints and muscles, and results in less inflammation than high-impact sports such as running. Because the weight of the upper body is supported by the bike seat, less weight is placed on the knees, which is why those who experience knee pain after activities like aerobics workouts, Zumba, and kickboxing, can benefit from the greater stability that a bike can afford. In the study, researchers took blood samples from cyclists and runners aged 19 to 45, to study markers of  muscle damage and soreness. Cycling was found to be much gentler on the body than running, leading researchers to recommend that runners aim to vary their routine, incorporating lower-impact sports into their weekly schedule.

Cycling can be Adapted to Different Fitness Levels

If you’ve done a spin class at the gym, then you know how easy it is to adapt the difficulty of your routine to your current fitness level. You can raise or lower your BPM rate by cycling faster or slower, and by using lower or higher gears, respectively. Unlike team sports such as rowing (which require you to maintain a specific pace), you can personalise your workout with the help of a fitness tracker, ensuring you aren’t over- or under-working your heart. If you live  near a mountainous area, grabbing a mountain bike with an ace suspension system will enable you to give yourself an intense workout while making the most of the proven stress-busting effects of nature. Indeed, the mobile nature of cycling makes it useful and fun all at once, since the changes in terrain will ensure you have to negotiate flat and steeper slopes alike, thus boosting strength as well as cardiovascular fitness levels.

Cycling an Ideal Match for Busy Urbanites

A 2018 study by researchers at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health looked into the ways in which urban transport in seven European cities (London, Barcelona, Antwerp, Örebro, Rome, Vienna, and Zurich) influenced people’s health. They compared different modes of transport, including cars, motorbikes, cycling, and walking. The results showed that cycling yielded the best results in all tests. That is, it brought about better mental health, self-perceived general health, and vitality. It also outperformed other transport modes in terms of battling stress and loneliness.

Recent findings on the physical and mental health benefits of cycling reveal why it is the ideal form of transport for the new millennium. If you are committed to battling the effects of sedentarism (obesity, Type 2 diabetes, higher stress levels, etc.) then try to entice your employees or co-workers to commit to cycling to work every day if they live within a specific distance from your office. If everyone is as excited as you are about cycling, sign up to Race at Your Pace on GoSweat and join others across the UK as they embrace the joy of better health and a happier, more vital outlook. Ranging from 25-mile to 600-mile challenges, this comp will help staff boost their cardiovascular fitness as part of a team goal.

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A previous career in the health and wellness arena has given Ali Wright a keen interest in anything to do with diet, fitness and wellbeing. After taking a short break when her daughters were born she decided to take up freelance writing instead and now tries to impart the knowledge she's gained to others, and encourage healthier, fitter lifestyles. In any free time she has, she supports a couple of mental health charities and likes long walks with her whippet dog, Vinnie.

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