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HR 2020: New Year, New Job?

December 18, 2019
HR Wisdom

According to People Business, January 31st has been identified as the day when most Brits hand in their notice. Not only this, but January overall, has been recognized as the most depressing month of the year. With hardly any sunlight, bills from festive-spending coming in, and broken New Year’s resolutions, it is not difficult to imagine why. On the 2nd of January employees will return to their jobs, only to find that the same office, routine and benefits are simply... not enough

Stress, illness and poor physical wellbeing increase the likelihood of people considering a job change. This means that HR must actively work to prevent employees from reaching such states. While December is a busy month, it is important to prepare for the ‘more difficult’ times ahead. Yes, it is possible to make your staff happy with a Christmas dinner and party, but this is only short term and will hardly prevent your employees from considering alternative job offers in January.

According to Light House, one of the most powerful forms of motivating employees is through helping them to achieve their personal goals. That is not company KPIs, it is their own personal objectives both inside and outside the office. By 2020, millennials will make up 35% of the workforce; they’re characteristic focus on self-development and growth means that supporting them to fulfill their expectations for the future can be a powerful tool for companies to retain top talent. 

Ultimately, the truth is that recruiters are already ‘on the hunt’ for talented, but dissatisfied candidates to build-up their 2020 teams. Indeed, for many employees, the New Year will be the perfect time for a new job. If you're looking for actionable guidance to prevent your company from being left behind, check out our free HR Guide to surviving the New Year, with advice on everything from planning your Christmas party to why you must set up a career progression scheme and the best way to support your employees.

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