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How Easy Is It to Set Up GoSweat for Work?

February 1, 2019
HR Wisdom

Setup is Simple.

The setup is simple and hassle-free. We'll take care of setting up accounts, sending the emails, and engaging your team. All you have to do is pick the package, we do all the heavy lifting. Our credit system ensures that there is an equal chance for all to get engaged. From day one, every employee will be able to spend their credit booking any activity on GoSweat. The first time they sign-in, their first credit is claimed as we have added it to their account. We add it straight to their account.

For the each employee, we only need the essential details: name, email and phone number. That’s it! We don’t retain any of their payment information on our system. That way they know they can book safely and securely. We work with Stripe, the world’s best payment system, so payment is fast and secure.

The system is designed to be as flexible as possible, allowing employees to sweat as much or as little as they like. You only pay for the employees that engage with the platform. If an employee doesn’t use the system for three months and becomes inactive then we will stop charging for the account and deactivate it. Everyone is different, and it takes time for some people to adopt a new benefit. The three month period is designed to give all employees the opportunity to engage with the platform. Everyone is different, and it takes time for some people to adopt a new benefit. Plus, we know from experience, once a few members of the team start booking, everyone starts getting excited about the opportunity - especially when the Welcome Boxes arrive!

On average, we’ll spend 40% of our lives at work, making Benefits are a key part of encouraging people to be active. Getting employees to engage is the hardest part of any benefit roll out and we really care about the uptake and use of our benefit. That’s why we actively engage with employees who haven’t signed up and encourage them to become more active. We want to see your team succeed and this is our way of helping.

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