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How a new hobby could change your life

July 31, 2019
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The idea of starting a new hobby can be daunting. Where will you find the time? How much will it cost? What hobby should you even do? But the benefits that come from taking up a new hobby far outweigh any initial concerns you might have.

Could a new hobby really change your life? It sounds overly dramatic to think that starting a new hobby could be life-changing but for many, who take the plunge and invest in pursuing a new hobby, the benefits are dramatic, even life-changing.

I spoke to Leyla, GoSweat’s Data Geek, who decided to try Kickboxing as a new hobby, after she’d spent 6 years trialling gyms, swimming and pilates as means of being active. None of them stuck for Leyla, but she was keen to give Kickboxing a go, to see whether the up-and-coming Martial Arts would suit her.

Two and a half years later, and Leyla reflects on her experience:

In all honesty, I could not recommend Kickboxing enough! I have looked forward to going to each and every class for the past 2.5 years and have always felt incredibly alive afterwards! It’s not easy, but practice regularly and you won’t be able to stop! Trust me when I say, pursuing a hobby will do wonders for your body and soul!

And Leyla is not alone. For those that branch out of their comfort zone and try a new hobby, the feeling of learning, of accomplishment, can be very rewarding. Those that try a new hobby also report of the social benefits, as many hobbies connect you with like-minded people, expanding your friendship circle.

How a new hobby could change your life

Luckily you don't have to go through 6 years of trial and error in order to find a hobby that's right for you. Instead, you can use GoSweat's 30-second discovery feature, to be recommended activities personally for you, that will draw on elements of what you are personally going to enjoy about a hobby. Finding the unique sport for you is more about finding what connects with your body and mind. Leyla did just that with Kickboxing:

When my friends say "Why do you pay someone to punch you?", or my family say, "What's fun in sweat and tears that go into each session?" my answer is the same. I can express myself and use my body, in a way that is so fulfilling. The experience of working towards achieving a goal, and getting better at a sport is also inherently gratifying.

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