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The Low Down on Hot Yoga

July 17, 2019
What's Hot?

The Low Down on Hot Yoga

If you’ve been searching for local yoga classes near me, there’s a good chance you’ve come across the phrase ‘hot yoga’ more than once. Intrigued? At GoSweat, we want to ensure that you’re able to make the most informed decisions about the workouts you’re undertaking. So here it is — everything you ever wanted to know about hot yoga, but were too afraid to ask.

What is hot yoga?

This one’s not complicated. Hot yoga is a kind of fitness class that focuses on the ability of heat to really ramp up a workout. Enjoyed in heated studios that can reach anything up to 37 degrees Celsius, hot yoga will take you through many of the poses and routines that you’ve perhaps become accustomed to, but will inspire you to sweat like never before.

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The benefits of hot yoga

We’ll start by saying that hot yoga has numerous benefits, least of all its ability to stimulate sweating within moments of starting. When practised correctly a long, sweaty session of hot yoga has the ability to:

·       Improve flexibility and posture

·       Increase heart rate and metabolism

·       Improve circulation

·       Build muscle tone

·       Flush out toxins

·       Improve mental wellbeing and relieve stress

Hot yoga is brilliant for anyone hoping to shed a few pounds, too. Since you’ll be exercising in the heat and humidity of a specially prepared yoga studio, you’re going to burn calories like there’s no tomorrow — and feel all the better for it.

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The disadvantages of hot yoga

Hot yoga isn’t without its disadvantages, although many of these can be overcome with prior preparation and a keenness to get it right. As you’d expect, dehydration is common amongst those practising hot yoga; you’re bound to lose water when you’re sweating so profusely. Anyone regularly attending hot yoga classes will also tell you that it’s easy to feel nauseous, which can make it difficult to complete poses and really make the most of the session. To combat these disadvantages, it’s advised that you:

·       Drink up to two litres of water before the session, and sip water throughout

·       Take things slowly and gently; it’s not a race or a competition

·       Don’t push yourself; you know your body’s limits, so adhere to them

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Bikram vs. Hotpod and everything in between

You’re probably a little confused by now, particularly if you’ve been researching classes in your local area. What’s with all of those different names? While the term ‘hot yoga’ refers to classes that are taught in heated studios, there are numerous kinds of yoga to get to grips with. Take Bikram yoga for example. Much like the yoga you’ve perhaps come to know and love, Bikram yoga can make you sweat like never before. Unlike regular yoga, though, Bikram is limited to just 26 poses, which were developed 30 years ago by Bikram Choudhury. Hotpod yoga, meanwhile, focuses on the benefits of Vinyasa yoga, and is taught in giant inflatable pods to ensure you’re sweating as much as physically possible. Check out the classes near you — is there one that stands out in particular?

When practised safely and correctly, hot yoga can inspire endorphins and all manner of health benefits. Please do check out our guide to the local Bikram, Hotpod, and hot yoga sessions near me. We think it’s about time you discovered this craze for yourself.

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