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Guest Post - How to Embrace Fitness in Your Workplace

February 1, 2019
HR Wisdom

There are new professions and job posts springing up every day but the problem with most of them is the fact that they involve sitting, and often hours of it. Humans are beings which were born for physical activity, so any job that requires you to sit for hours on end can be quite bad for your health. For instance, programmers are directed at their computers so they cannot simply change their job because it is unhealthy. What they can do is adopt an exercise routine that is suited for the workplace. That’s right, there are numerous exercises that are designed for the office that you can do while you work. Employers should encourage physical activity in their employees as they too can benefit from a healthy and a fit worker. That is why many of them actively seek to motivate the workforce to exercise during work hours so as to increase productivity. In fact, there are numerous ways in which workplace fitness can be embraced and practised, pun intended.

De-stressing Employees

Exercising regularly has been known to reduce anxiety and stress levels. To be honest, work is one of the major stress factors in a person’s life, so reducing work-related stress should be a priority for both the employee and the employer. If workers relish the opportunity to exercise at work then they are going to associate the work environment with a feeling of pleasure, thus significantly reducing stress levels. Who says leisure and work don’t go well together?

Introducing Table Tennis

There are numerous exercises that you can take up at the workplace but none is better than a real sport. Of course, you are not going to build a football pitch inside the office but a table for tennis is more than plausible. It can be placed in the recreation room so workers will spend their breaks here, nonchalantly playing table tennis rather than sitting and checking their Instagram feed. The sport is ideal for team-building as well, as tournaments can be organised during working hours, like on casual Friday or during the weekends. You could make an office league and keep track of scores to reward the best player/worker at the end of the “season” with a day off or a financial incentive.

A Mini-Golf Course

Table tennis is nice but the sport your workers will really go crazy about is mini-golf. First of all, they are going to think that a mini-golf course cannot possibly be fitted inside the office space, so the surprise is going to be greater when they realise that it can. There are so many types of it, that even a small side room can facilitate a course, not to mention the possibilities a parking lot or a backyard has to offer. Whichever option you choose, the employees are going to enjoy golf because it is such an easy sport to learn. Even those colleagues who are having trouble putting the ball can watch a couple of golf training videos and turn into real pros!

Less Sick Leaves

Needless to say, a healthy person is a better worker than a chronically ill person. You want to promote a healthy lifestyle among employees and exercise is an excellent way to do it. A balanced diet coupled with regular physical exercise will keep everyone fit. As a result, the number of workers asking for sick leave will decrease significantly, adding to the company’s overall productivity. More importantly, they themselves and their families will be grateful that you have transformed the workplace into a haven of healthy lifestyle.

Better Time Management

The most effective measure you can undertake to make the employees work out more will have to be beneficial both for you as the employer and the employees. If they fully understand all the benefits of working out, then it is more likely that they will embrace it and not quit after the first week. You can explain to them that staying active during office hours saves them time that they would spend working out at home. On average, busy people should work out at the very least twice a week, which translates into a minimum total of three hours per week. We are talking about the bare minimum, for other people this could amount to six or ten hours a week, which is a lot. All this time could be converted into quality hours spent with the family if the employees worked out at the office. Once people realise how many extra hours they get, they’ll soon be queuing up for rackets and golf clubs.

In order to successfully introduce fitness routines into the office space, you first need to change the mindset and put health high on the list of priorities. By doing so, your employees will soon realise all the benefits themselves and will follow the example that you have set as a true leader. The mini-golf course and reduced sick leaves will then come as a natural outcome of this shift in the company’s priorities.

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