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GoSweat Rewards - Celebrate Success

February 27, 2019
HR Wisdom

The Incentive That Works

The GoSweat Rewards system is a fun and exciting way to motivate your team and celebrate their individual successes. We’ve designed the whole program with simplicity in mind. For both the team leader and the employees, GoSweat Rewards are entirely hassle-free. We want to ensure that the focus is on the rewards themselves and the achievements they are celebrating.

Pi Studio Pilates
Pi Studio Pilates

When an employee first signs in, they can set their personal fitness goals and activity preferences. From there, each employee can track their goals, progress and rewards using their personal dashboard. They’ll know exactly how many experiences are left before they receive their next achievement reward - making that next class just that bit more enticing.

We think that anyone starting their wellness journey with GoSweat is worth celebrating. So after an employee books their first experience, we send them a Welcome Box to commemorate the occasion. We know from past experience that this box of fun, motivational rewards inspire them to keep active and engaged with the platform.

After the Welcome Gift Box, the rewards start small, then get bigger the more active the employee is. The GoSweat Rewards ranges greatly: from protein bars and healthy drinks to apparel and recipe information. Every gift is purposefully chosen to motivate them on their wellness journey and expose everyone to some amazing healthy products!

Welcome Box
Welcome Box

The rewards are tailored to each employee based on their fitness goals and activity preferences. If they love yoga classes, for example, we would customise their rewards to feature products that would be beneficial for a yogi.

We manage the entire rewards system. There is no need to apply for the rewards or fill in any additional paperwork. We stay up to date on each individual employee’s achievements and deliver the tailored reward directly to them.

We have designed this rewards system from the ground up; focusing on engaging your employees and celebrating their successes. It is a feature of GoSweat for Work that seamlessly establishes itself as a delightful, enticing incentive that we tailor to each individual employee. Between GoSweat Rewards, our engagement strategy and your good work, we know we can make GoSweat for Work one the most loved benefits in your package.

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An Active Team Is A Happy Team

Owen is the self-confessed least active member of the GoSweat team. However, his enthusiasm to try new things has helped him discover a number of physical activities that he really enjoys. It won't be long before Owen is trying out for the Olympics - ok, that might be a bit of a stretch but one can dream!

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