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GoSweat for Work: A corporate wellness revolution

July 31, 2019
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“Wellness centered communities”- that is what Forbes predicted for 2019.

Not surprisingly, this didn’t only refer to the local yoga group or the football club around the corner. With 76% of the UK workforce struggling physically or mentally, active wellness programs are a must-have for businesses. 

GoSweat is the benefit designed for companies embracing the change required to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. 

Your workforce is your number one asset, and investing in their wellbeing will lead to greater focus, productivity, creativity and drive; this is as simple as it gets. 

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to wellness, nor a single way of dealing with overwhelming stress, which, according to the Mental Health Foundation, was experienced by 74% of UK adults last year. GoSweat is the flexible benefit designed for every body and mind.

Meditate, row, box, spin, run, lift, swim, dance, stretch. Get in the right mindset for that meeting with a HIIT morning session, or unwind after a long day at the spa, or perhaps attend a fitness workshop and learn to build your healthy lifestyle. Our all-encompassing portfolio of experiences has led to an 83% employee engagement. This contrasts with the 5% engagement observed with traditional benefits such as discounted gym memberships.

Do you want to provide a corporate benefit that your employees actually use and love?

With GoSweat, employers get detailed, transparent feedback of employee’s involvement with the benefit. Experience tangible results such as higher retention, lower absenteeism and a more motivated workforce. Our rewards system, engaging content and tailored recommendations ensure that users stay inspired; ready to overcome daily challenges and achieve their objectives. 

According to Mercer’s 2019 Global talent trends, “99% of  companies are taking action to prepare for the future of work”, with corporate benefits considered one of the top levers for success.

Are you ready to be part of the wellbeing revolution?

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Alicia is an enthusiastic marketer, obsessed with brands, music and traveling the world 🌍Her other passions include moonlight-dancing, risk-taking and an endless search for the best HIIT class in London.

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