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Your Tennis Fix

June 18, 2018
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3 Tennis Inspired Workouts to Get Your Wimbledon Fix this Month

So you want to channel your inner Murray, eh? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Wimbledon fever has hit London this week, and it’s inspiring everyone to don those old sweat bands and get on down to the courts. Understandably though, private tennis lessons are a little booked up right now, so here are a few alternative ways to get your fix of tennis inspired fitness.


TennisFit  | GoSweat | Your Wimbledon Fix
‍Image: TennisFit UK

“What the heck is a TennisFit?”, you ask. Very good question. This class is designed for those looking to let off some steam after a hard day behind a desk, and is the ultimate way to serve, volley and backhand your troubles away! 

It’s a 60 minute, fast-paced class with drilling on one court and interactive playing on another, and in between, you’ll carry out strength and conditioning training. It’s the ideal combination of improving your technique and your match in one class. 

Oh, and the class ends with HIIT training to improve your fitness even more. Intense much? 

Try out a TennisFit class here.

Cardio Tennis

LTA British Tennis | GoSweat | Your Wimbledon Fix
Image: LTA British Tennis

It’s tennis, but tougher. Cardio Tennis is a group fitness class that takes place on a tennis court, and is great for folks of all ages even if they’ve never played tennis before. There’s music and an instructor guiding you along, and the class mainly consists of a lot of running and hitting tennis balls, sometimes at the same time. 

Classes normally last 60 minutes, during which time you’ll hit lots of forehands, backhands and volleys while carrying out lots of other cardio activities, and eventually play a game of team tennis. The class moves so quickly that technique is never in question, it’s all about keeping up with the pace!

Want to improve your fitness and tennis all at once? This is the class for you. 

Find your nearest Cardio Tennis class here.


Squash  | GoSweat | Your Wimbledon Fix
‍Image: Southbank Club

While Squash is quite a bit different to tennis, the elements are the same; frantically hit the ball over and over again, and try to beat your opponent. It’s played by two or four players (singles or doubles, just like tennis) in an enclosed wall court with a small, squashable (hence the name) rubber ball. 

It’s hectic, lots of fun, and perfect for improving your reactions, fitness and doubles game if you want to take a break from tennis and try something new. 

Fancy trying your hand at Squash? South Londoners, check out Southbank’s Squash Club here.

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Caitlin is a freelance writer based in London, and spends her time enjoying mid-week fitness adventures and regular travel. She loves bouldering, good old fashioned walking, and dreams of one day running the Rome Marathon. You can read her blogs about freelance life on Desk Life Project.

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