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September 26, 2017
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5 Places to Exercise for Free in South London

We get it. It can be difficult finding the right fitness routine for the size of your pocket in these turbulent times. However, all is not lost. Did you know that South London is brimming with free fitness, alongside those that you pay for? We’ve listed a few of the best to keep your budget in check. You can trust GoSweat to find the savviest, sweatiest activities around at a steal…


OURPARKS | GoSweat | 5 Places to Sweat for Free in South London

Types of session on offer: Cycling, running, speed walking, skipping, dog walking, and yoga.

Why sweat here? We know we’re being obvious, but sometimes it helps to have things pointed out. How many times have you driven past the park on your way to a yoga class, or wandered a park’s leafy pathways while on your lunch break? Rather than treating the park as a throughway, start seeing it as your studio. Head out for a jog, take your dog on an amble, or ride your bike. The possibilities for perspiration are endless, and you’ll save a pretty penny in the process. If you need a little inspiration, check out Our Parks to find out what free fitness is available near you.

Location: Pick a park — any park — but be sure to check out your local council’s website for dog walking details, cycle paths, and opening hours.

Price: Keep your wallet in your pocket, this one is free.

The Sweatshop Running Community

Run Hub | GoSweat | 5 Places to Sweat for Free in South London
Run Hub

Types of session on offer: Running for all abilities.

Why sweat here? This running club is an entry-level group, catering to those who’ve never run regularly before, and those who’d like to get a little more out of their exercise. The community is supportive and friendly, with group leaders offering advice to those who run every week, or every now and again. Besides, this club has sweat in the title, so you know it’s going to be good.

Location: Each run starts at a London branch of the store; check out the website for details of your nearest club.

Price: It’s free!

Workouts @ Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty  | GoSweat | 5 Places to Sweat for Free in South London
Sweaty Betty

Types of session on offer: Pilates, Boomcycle, HiiT, yoga, bootcamps, Run Fusion, running clubs, and more.

Why sweat here? Sweaty by name and sweaty by nature — Sweaty Betty is one of the city’s most beloved sportswear brands, and so we were thrilled to inform you that the chain runs a series of complimentary fitness classes and workouts at its many branches. Each instructor is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about his or her field, so you’re bound to have a blast.

Location: Various across London. Check out Sweaty Betty’s website for details. Be prepared to book in advance, as classes go very quickly.

Price: This one’s free too!


Parkrun  | GoSweat | 5 Places to Sweat for Free in South London

Types of session on offer: 5km mapped runs.

Why sweat here? Parkruns are a fantastic way to push your fitness each week. A run rather than a race, each event attracts fitness fanatics of every ilk — and you’re only ever in competition with yourself. Jog, run, or sprint the 5km; whatever feels comfortable. The sense of community you’ll discover will keep you turning up each week, while blasting those PBs will inspire a sense of pride like no other.

Location: Various across London. Take a look at the website for details of your nearest event.

Price: Absolutely nothing. It's Free Fitness!


GoodGym  | GoSweat | 5 Places to Sweat for Free in South London

Types of session on offer: Running while undertaking good deeds. It’s a win-win concept.

Why sweat here? Whether you run with the intention of completing a task, jog to a weekly meeting with an elderly or vulnerable person, or sprint along in time with a community project, GoodGym is one of the best concepts we’ve ever come across. Designed to combine running with philanthropy, it’s a club that will help you feel good in mind and body. Get a selfless sweat on with GoodGym.

Location: Lewisham and across London.

Price: Zip, zilch, nada. Indeed, you’ll come away with a sense of fulfillment worth way more than you’d spend at any gym.

So you see, keeping fit and staying sweaty needn’t cost the earth. Yes, there are some fantastic paid-for exercise classes and clubs out there, but sometimes it pays off to follow your own initiative. Have fun, GoSweaters!

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As you'd expect, from a GoSweat Founder, Steph loves all things sweaty. From SUP to Skiing, she's always searching for the next endorphin fix. Her other loves include animals, adventures and eating out.

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