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Free Bootcamps

July 17, 2019
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Free Bootcamps:

Where to Find Them

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Everyone loves a good bootcamp. Whether you’re looking to improve your fitness, make friends, learn a new skill, or simply sweat a little more, a bootcamp could be the answer to your workout needs. Bootcamps are designed to work the whole body in a variety of different ways, after all. The team at GoSweat has searched London for five of the best free bootcamps so you don’t have to. Well, fitness doesn’t need to cost the earth, does it?

Meetup London Bootcamps

Type of bootcamp on offer: Running.

Why sweat here? These weekly bootcamps are a great way to make friends, push your body to its limits, and work up a sweat in the process. The Meetup team is populated with medical and fitness professionals, so you know you’ll always be given useful advice for making the most of your workout. What’s more, each bootcamp finishes at one of the group’s favourite venues, where you’ll enjoy a tasty, healthy breakfast. Sign us up, please!

Location: Hyde Park, Clapham Common and Battersea Park.

Price: Free to participate.

Our Parks

Type of bootcamp on offer: Mixed disciplines, including interval training, circuits and weights.

Why sweat here? Our Parks is a community-driven initiative, which aims to bring people of all ages and backgrounds together in order to get fit and have fun. Its bootcamps offer a mixture of strength training, circuits, weights and interval training, with each class being taught by an experienced and knowledgeable instructor. This is your opportunity to get sweaty in the great outdoors, and to have fun as you do so.

Location: Various.

Price: Free.

Asics Bootcamps

Type of bootcamp on offer: Running, weight training and circuits.

Why sweat here? Run from the brand’s flagship store on Oxford Street, each Asics bootcamp is designed to work something different; you might be working with weights one week, and then running a mile or two the next. The great news is that participants have a choice. Pick your bootcamp, rock up, and prepare to get sweaty — things are about to get intense. Oh, remember your towel and some water, though, you’re going to need both!

Location: Oxford Street.

Price: Free.

The North Face: Never Stop London

Type of bootcamp on offer: Outdoors training.

Why sweat here? Never Stop London is a fantastic concept for anyone who’s bored of city living and would much rather be in the mountains. No, really. Sessions take the format of bootcamps, each one led by a qualified and passionate trainer. It doesn’t matter whether you want to hike to the top of a hill or run a wild mile, these sessions are designed to help you embrace nature — and your raw sweatiness.

Location: Various.

Price: Free.

Project Awesome

Type of bootcamp on offer: Miscellaneous!

Why sweat here? We’d like to bet that you’ve never experienced a workout quite like this... billing itself as ‘the rainbow chinks in a city of grey’, the project operates bootcamp style fitness classes across the country, London included. The project’s London Tribe operates three bootcamp workouts, one each on a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We dare you not to have fun while you’re sweating your cares away.

Location: Trafalgar Square, Primrose Hill and The Scoop.

Price: Free.

We’re feeling particularly inspired after writing this blog post. If you see us running try and keep up, we’re off to find a bootcamp!

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