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Forget the Bikini Body

July 17, 2019
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Forget the bikini body, here are 4 workouts to make you feel good on the inside

Londoners are jetting off to faraway places this month in favour of sun, sea and sand, and many are working up a sweat before they go, in search of the mythical ‘bikini body’. If you’re sick of squatting for the sake of your swimsuit, then try one of these feel-good workouts to feed your soul instead.


Yup, it’s still around all right. Aerobics may be synonymous with skin-tight outfits and leg warmers, but it sure boosts those endorphins. While this class is designed to help you get into shape, there’s something about jumping around repeatedly to great tunes that helps to lift your spirits and make you feel as good on the inside as you look on the outside. You’ll get the same happy feels from any dance fitness class (thanks Zumba!), but this one usually comes with 80s music, which is a massive thumbs up.



Yoga is a surefire way to feel good. While it can do wonders for your core, it can also do wonders for, you know...your core core. Studies have shown that regular yoga practice can reduce feelings of depression and anxiety, and any workout that incorporates meditation is bound to have you feeling glorious on the inside in no time. Not to mention it helps to calm the mind and provide much needed relaxation. Bonus happy points? When your dog joins in.



If anything is going to make you feel like you’re totally bossing life, it’s bouldering. It’s worth getting an introductory lesson with an instructor to make sure that you know how to climb safely, but after that you can hit those big plastic rocks all day long and pretend to be Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. Nothing makes you feel physically accomplished like making it to the top of the wall, plus it will strengthen your arms and stomach, making you feel more solid, fit, and downright cool.


Salsa Dancing

Not everyone is up for salsa dancing with a room full of strangers, but if you’re game for a good time and some feel-good fun, then this is the workout for you. And rest assured it is a workout, so get ready to sweat. If you want to increase your confidence by socialising, as well as improve your rhythm and fitness all at once, get down to a salsa class and prepare to shimmy.

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Caitlin is a freelance writer based in London, and spends her time enjoying mid-week fitness adventures and regular travel. She loves bouldering, good old fashioned walking, and dreams of one day running the Rome Marathon. You can read her blogs about freelance life on Desk Life Project.

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