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Five Reasons to Go for a Swim this Week

May 8, 2018
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Five Reasons to Go for a Swim this Week

We all like to introduce new workouts to our weekly routine from time to time in order to keep things interesting. A swim is a fantastic activity to add to your weekly routine: as well as supporting and complementing your existing fitness activities, a swim promises to give your mind and body a new and different kind of refreshing workout.

Whether you’re a regular swimmer or returning to the water for the first time in a while, we share our top five reasons to go for a swim this week. And if we have convinced you, don’t forget to tag us @gosweat365 #gosweat in your post-swim selfie! See you in the pool…

  1. Hello Sunshine!

In case you’ve been under a rock for the last week, you won’t have failed to notice that summer has finally arrived! Thankfully London is a hotbed of Lidos (outdoor swimming pools) which means that you can enjoy a refreshing swim whilst working on that all-important tan. London’s Lidos are a mix of heated (London Fields, Charlton, Hampton) and not (Tooting, Brockwell, Parliament Hill) so make sure you do your research beforehand or the dip might be slightly more refreshing than you had expected!

  1. Full Body Workout

Swimming is a full body workout which means it’s a great exercise if you are after a bit of a full body refresh without having to spend hours in the gym rotating around the weights machines. With every stroke, you are using your arms, legs, back, and core. Being in water provides additional resistance to even the most simple movements which mean swimming is a particularly good exercise for toning up. If you are looking to work on particular body parts (your legs or your arms for example) simply use pool toys and buoys to aid your drills. Otherwise, even the least capable swimmer can’t help but work their full body during a swim.

  1. Great Impact without Impact

Swimming is a no impact exercise –the support of water means that even if you really, really exert yourself in the pool you won’t be putting any pressure or impact on those joints that help us in so other many exercises, such as your hips and knees. As a result, swimming is a great complementary exercise alongside other higher impact activities, such as running – allowing you to undergo a full cardio workout without overstraining any overworked muscle groups or joints.

  1. Mind & Body

There aren’t many places these days where you have to unplug your phone for the entirety of your workout but swimming is (at least at the time of writing) one of the few places that technology simply cannot follow you. Enjoy disconnecting properly for the duration of your swim and thinking about your breathing as you move through the water. The importance of the breath to swimming means that (a bit like yoga) a good swim can help move you into a meditative state. Enjoy escaping with just your thoughts and breathing for company - no one gets out the water feeling less refreshed and regenerated than they did going in.

  1. Post-Swim Treats

Hello sauna, steam room & hot tub! A self treat after those enduring lengths – most swimming pools and Lidos also host sauna and steam room facilities, giving you a chance to sweat out the week’s toxins and relax. A perfect end to a workout, a sauna or steam room are a great place for consolidating your efforts and giving your body a chance to unwind. Just don’t forget to rehydrate before heading in!

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Happy swimming!

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