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Earlsfield Yoga & Pilates

September 26, 2017
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The 6 Best Earlsfield Yoga and Pilates Studios

So, you’re looking for Earlsfield Yoga and Pilates studios? You’ve come to the right place! The team at GoSweat is energised to introduce a new legion of students to the miraculous worlds of yoga and Pilates. So whether you're looking for Yoga in Earlsfield or Pilates in Earlsfield, follow our lead, things are about to get sweaty...

Go Mammoth

GoMammoth | GoSweat | The 6 Best Earlsfield Yoga and Pilates Studios

Types of classes on offer: Yoga and Pilates for all abilities.Why sweat here? Go Mammoth offers a whole world of social sports; achieve a sense of community while you sweat your cares away. Accredited instructors host Go Mammoth’s classes, with all equipment provided. What’s more, all abilities are welcome — you’ll never have to worry about getting in over your head.Location: Various London sites.

Price: Single membership from £33 per month.

Samsara Mind and Body

Samsara Mind and Body  | GoSweat | The 6 Best Earlsfield Yoga and Pilates Studios
Samsara Mind and Body

Types of classes on offer: A selection of yoga styles, including Vinyasa Flow, Power Flow, Himalayan Hatha, Dharma, Mandala Vinyasa, Mindful Flow, and Pregnancy yoga. The studio also offers Pilates for all abilities.

Why sweat here? The selection of classes offered by Samsara Mind and Body is astounding. Whether you’ve chosen yoga or Pilates, you’re likely to find a class that fits your body and lifestyle in every way. Samsara is an urban oasis in the centre of London. Push open the doors and prepare to discover a new side of yourself.Location: Wandsworth.

Price: Prices start at £15 per class.

ReCentre Health

ReCentre Health  | GoSweat | The 6 Best Earlsfield Yoga and Pilates Studios
ReCentre Health

Types of classes on offer: Pregnancy and postnatal classes, yoga for all abilities, and mixed ability Pilates.

Why sweat here? The reCentre Studio is a retreat from modern life; a place where students can discover a whole new meaning to the phrase, ‘health and wellbeing’. The centre caters to those needing a little support via physiotherapy and osteopathy, although anyone wanting to sweat it out is welcome at the classes. Location: Balham High Road.

Price: Prices start at £15 per session for non-members. There is a 5% discount for classes booked online.

Grove Pilates Studio

Grove Pilates Studio  | GoSweat | The 6 Best Earlsfield Yoga and Pilates Studios
Grove Pilates Studio

Types of classes on offer: Mat, reformer, and equipment classes for all abilities.

Why sweat here? Grove Pilates Studio offers small, bespoke mat classes and supportive equipment sessions. Regardless of how much you want to sweat, you’ll find something to suit your schedule. With the experienced team at Grove Pilates Studio, we promise you’ll be in good hands if you’ve decided to do something about your core strength and spirit.Location: Earlsfield.

Price: Classes start at £16 for a drop-in session, although a pre-assessment must be undertaken at a cost of £45.

Local Motion

Local Motion | GoSweat | The 6 Best Earlsfield Yoga and Pilates Studios

Types of classes on offer: A range of disciplines, including body conditioning, natural movement, and bodyweight mastery.

Why sweat here? We love Local Motion because it’s so much more than a yoga or Pilates studio; it’s a combination of disciplines designed to work every single muscle in your body. We can guarantee you’ll sweat in places you didn’t know existed. Local Motion offers group fitness and private coaching, as well as massages for afterwards.

Location: Wandsworth.

Price: Prices start at £20 for a 20-day introduction.

Is that enough choice for you? We’re sure you’ll find a venue, and a class, that will scratch those hard to reach spots like never before.

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