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December Sweat Forecast

December 4, 2017
What's Hot?

December Sweat Forecast

Can you hear the carols approaching? Do you feel the magic in the air? The most festive time of the year is finally upon us, but ho, ho, hold the phone. That doesn’t mean you should spend any less time getting your sweat on, especially when London has an abundance of fitness events to kick-start your December workouts and have you feeling jolly good. Here we go…

Hot HIIT + Lunch, with FIT AS FUGLY

F I T A S F U G L Y™ is a brand, event movement & carefree way of life. It is a choice to move more, eat even more and care even less. On the 10th of December FIT AS FUGLY are bringing together two great loves, Fitness and Food! First, get sweaty with a 45-minute Hot HIIT session, for all fitness levels, hosted at the gorgeous Fierce Grace studio, Brixton. Then freshen up (using the swish facilities) and head over to The Joint, Brixton. Where you'll be served an incredible feed of your choice!

Get 10% off with the discount code: HOHOHIIT and book here.

Santa Hostage Rescue Run

GoSweat | Santa Hostage Rescue Run

If your go-to excuse for not running is that you feel unmotivated, then get ready for the ultimate motivation (we think)...Santa has been kidnapped by an evil gang and it’s up to you to save him! On the 16th of December in a yet-to-be-determined location (because he’s been kidnapped, of course) participants will follow clues over distances from 5 to 10K, and perform a daring hostage rescue mission to save Christmas before ending the race in the pub. The theatrics in this event make it sound fun as well as sweaty, and tickets start at £30.

Find out more and register here.

HOOPTONE, #WindYoWaist


In Shoreditch Town Hall on the 9th of December comes the windiest, loopiest fitness class you’ll come across this year: hula hoop fitness. World record holders Marawa and her Majorettes will provide a fun cardio workout class created to tone and condition your core muscles using adult-size hula hoops whilst listening to carnival tunes - is there a better way to work out your midriff?! Bring a friend along and you’ll each only pay £10 per session.

Find out more and register here.

CardioFlex, by Swedish Fit

GoSweat | Swedish Fit

Nothing says Christmas like an intense cardio workout, right? CardioFlex comes to you from the folks at Swedish Fit, and is ideal for quickly reaching a high level of resistance with the interval training combinations. The class promises sequences of cardio and muscular strengthening, along with active recuperation and dynamic stretching. Plus, as with all Swedish Fit classes, fun is included. The class takes place on the 6th of December on Fenchurch Street, and costs £10.

Find out more and register here.

FREE: HouseYoga at POP Brixton

GoSweat | Pop Brixton Yoga

If your two favourite things are house music and yoga, then drop your mat like it’s hot and get ready for some beats worth sweating to. This unique vinyasa flow yoga class takes place at POP Brixton on the 5th of December, and sees you performing standing and seated poses whilst listening to soulful, deep house beats. New customers can try the class for free; all the more reason to head on down.

Find out more and register here.

FREE: KB Kickboxing

GoSweat | KB Kickboxing

Always wanted to try your hand at kickboxing? KB Kickboxing is offering a free trial class, where you will get fit, feel stronger and boost your confidence. Try out your first class on the 4th of December near Euston Station, and be welcomed by a relaxed and friendly group of fellow kickboxers of all levels. If you’ve been thinking about trying a fighting sport in a safe and supportive environment, then this class may just be the one.

Find out more and register here

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