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May 16, 2018
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The 5 Best Clapham Pilates Studios

Whether you’re a Pilates Expert, with abs of steel or a newbie, just looking to touch your toes, GoSweat can help you find Pilates Classes in Clapham.

If you’re looking to develop core strength, flexibility and lean muscle tone then find your local Pilates Class in Clapham, and prepare to strengthen your body. Pilates has something to offer people of all ages and levels of ability and fitness – whether they want to practice Mat Pilates in Clapham or Clapham Reformer Pilates.

Dynamica Pilates

Dynamica Pilates | GoSweat | The 5 Best Clapham Pilates Studios

Why Sweat Here? Dynamica Pilates fuses pilates and functional fitness, giving you a full body workout. There whole-body exercises will have you lunging and twisting in a safe and low-impact way. With the addition of dumbbells, you’ll become stronger, fitter and leaner. Many liken the effect after the class of feeling “exhilarated” and “completely flushed through”.

Pilates on offer: Reformer Pilates and Private Pilates Sessions.

Locations: Clapham.

Price: Prices start at £20 for a Drop-In Class or £12 for 2 Classes on their intro offer.

Holistic Body Focus

Holistic Body Focus | GoSweat | The 5 Best Clapham Pilates Studios
Holistic Body Focus

Why Sweat Here? Holistic Body Focus provides an intimate setting to practice Pilates. With small classes and an experienced, nurturing instructor you’ll go from strength to strength. Hannah has experience working with people of all abilities and ages. She has experience of teaching Pilates for pre/post natal women, Pilates for kids/teens and Pilates for back pain related disorders.

Pilates on offer: Mat Pilates and Private Pilates Sessions.

Locations: Clapham.

Price: Prices start at £15 for a Drop-In or £15 for 2 Classes on their intro offer.


Pepilates | GoSweat | The 5 Best Clapham Pilates Studios

Why Sweat Here? Pepilates offers classic Pilates without fuss or muss; their philosophy follows that of Joseph Pilates, the man behind it all. With classes to suit every level and ability, Pepilates is a warm, relaxed, budget-friendly environment to experience the burn for the first time.

Pilates on offer: Private and group classes, pregnancy Pilates, and classes on mats or with equipment.

Locations: Clapham and Wimbledon.

Price: Prices start at £12 for a group mat taster class.

Pilates Sanctuary

Pilates Sanctuary | GoSweat | The 5 Best Clapham Pilates Studios
Pilates Sanctuary

Why Sweat Here? Pilates Sanctuary offers small, personalised classes to ensure consistency and progression. Their matwork is a fun full-body workout based on a series of mat-based exercises devised by Joseph Pilates using your own body weight and occasionally small equipment. They run maternity classes – where you can bring your baby along, as well as antenatal Pilates and post-natal Pilates. These fitness classes are an excellent way of re-gaining abdominal muscle tone and strengthening of the pelvic floor.

Pilates on offer: Mat Pilates and Post-Natal Pilates.

Location: Clapham.

Price: Prices start at £14 for a Drop-in Class or £20 for 20 Days Unlimited on their intro offer.  

Synchronicity Yoga Studios

Synchronicity Yoga Studios | GoSweat | The 5 Best Clapham Pilates Studios
Synchronicity Yoga Studios

Why Sweat Here? Don’t be fooled by its name — Synchronicity runs Pilates courses at its dedicated yoga space too. This calming, friendly retreat is a great place to get to grips with all kinds of Pilates moves, and its classes are designed to fit around your busy schedule.

Pilates on offer: Mixed Pilates classes.

Location: Clapham and Stockwell.

Price: Prices set by individual trainers. Classes must be booked in advance.

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