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Top 5 bootcamps in Clapham Common 2019

August 20, 2019
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If you are looking for a fun and motivating way to exercise in Clapham Common, look no further, the GoSweat Team has taken care of contacting the greatest bootcamp providers and finding out what makes their training truly unique. So if you are looking to be inspired and find your perfect place to train, continue reading!

1. Boxit Bootcamp

Why Sweat Here? Based on numerous boxing combinations and techniques, at Boxit they will get you fit. Fast. With an incredible workout combining leg sculpting, shoulder and arm shredding and core crunching exercises, you’ll be surprised by the progress you can achieve in a couple of weeks. Gloves and punching pads are provided, so no, you don’t have to worry about being punched in the face. Unlike intimidating boxing rings, classes take place at the park, so it is the perfect way to release some steam while enjoying some fresh air. 

Price: £7 drop-in class

2. Rabble

Why Sweat Here?  Imagine a fun HIIT’s hard, we know. However, with Rabble’s adrenaline-fueled games, ranging from Dodgeball to Frisbee to Capture the Flag, you can get the same workout, without even realizing it! Rabble is also perfect for meeting new people and making new friends, as stretching is often followed by a visit to the pub. 

Price: £14 drop-in class

3. Gymnasium

Why Sweat Here? Unlike most gyms, where you put your headphones on and train in isolation, Gymnasium is all about community. We spoke to Alex, from the founders’ team, who described how on your very first class, you will get introduced to everyone. Simply catching up with your coaches and friends will make visiting Gymnasium the highlight of your day. 

In an environment where everyone knows each other by name, and instructors include professional athlete trainers, national sport representatives and even Hollywood-star coaches, you are sure to find your motivation. Gymnasium is not like most gyms, this is the place where students end up as coaches, were people have found their true love (they now attend parent-baby sessions) and were the greatest social BBQs take place. 

4. Think Urban Fitness

Why Sweat Here? TUF gives you a full body workout using your body weight and the greatest studio of all- London city. Think bench press-ups, fence jumps and railing pull-ups! We spoke to Chris, the founder, who explained how his military background enables him to successfully work with big groups, while at the same time catering for the needs of each individual. After all, how do you think militaries end up with amazing physiques regardless of their background? “Doesn’t matter what level of fitness you are at, we get people training at the right level”. At TUF, nobody gets judged, so whether you complete 3 or 20 burpees within a minute, it is all about accomplishing more than you did last time. Relax, it is not all about work, as Chris said, “Work hard, play hard”. 

5. Swift Fitness 

Why Sweat Here? The Swift Fitness team is made up of passionate trainers who will challenge you to be the best version of yourself. We spoke to Sam, one of the co-founders and he described that although you will be made to “work harder than you would’ve ever known”, everything is done within a friendly atmosphere. From fat burning intervals to full body toning circuits and flexibility routines, these sessions will keep you on your toes. At Swift fitness you’ll find like-minded people whom, along with your trainer, will make you feel motivated and ready to achieve anything!

Price: £5 drop-in class

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