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Clapham Common Bootcamp

June 5, 2018
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The 7 Best Clapham Common Bootcamps

If you are looking for a cheap, cheerful way to get fit in Clapham, then why not do a bootcamp on Clapham Common? They are guaranteed to make you sweat, and you can easily compare them all using GoSweat. By searching with you postcode to see what is local to you. To give you some inspiration, below are 7 of the Best Clapham Common bootcamps, they GoSweat has come across, that let you workout outdoors. So you can get in shape, whilst enjoying the sunshine*.

* Subject to unpredictable English weather.

British Military Fitness

GoSweat | Clapham Common Bootcamp BMF
British Military Fitness

Why Sweat Here? Despite what the name suggests, British Military Fitness isn’t an intimidating, hard out bootcamp. It’s a fun, inclusive way of getting fit, which incorporates highly professional skills learnt in the military. British Military Fitness aims to get people of all fitness abilities training together in the great outdoors. They divide all class participants into three main ability groups: Blue for beginners, Red for intermediates and Green for advanced participants. So whatever your level you can work to your potential.

Locations: Clapham Common, Battersea Park, Tooting Bec, Wandsworth Common (plus so many more).

Price: Free taster session

Swift Fitness

GoSweat | Clapham Common Bootcamp, Swift Fitness
Swift Fitness

Why Sweat Here? It’s impossible to get through a Swift Fitness Class without a smile on your face. Whether it’s because you get to have a private boogie, whilst you workout wearing wireless headphones – think silent disco Boot Camp! Or because you get to punch away your stresses, whilst making new friends. Or maybe it’s the super friendly instructors. Either way you’ll be sure to work your face muscles, through grinning so much.

Locations: Brockwell Park, Clapham Common, Fulham, London Bridge, Tooting Bec, Battersea Park, Green Park, Highbury Fields, Hilly Fields, Wandsworth Common

Price: £15 drop-in session

Lean Body Bootcamp

Lean Body Bootcamp | GoSweat | The 7 Best Clapham Boot Camps
Lean Body Bootcamp

Why Sweat Here? Achieve more before 7am, than most others do throughout their whole day. Seriously early exercise classes – starting at 6.15am – that are short but sweet, lasting a mere 30 minutes. Meaning you can really give it your all and still shower, eat and get to work for 8. Plus the classes are small, so you’ll get lots of attention, from the energetic ‘personal’ trainers, as you do rope slams, sandbag sprints and medicine ball burpees – all done in the great outdoors.

Locations: Clapham Common

Price: £8 drop-in session


GoSweat | Clapham Common Bootcamp

Why Sweat Here? Livefit sessions are hard but fun, partnering with your fellow Livefitter’s for squats and playing the occasional game. Go for a solid workout, keep coming back for the positive vibes. livefit bring the gym to the park. Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, Mats (no buddy bums), Boxing and Tunes, so you can enjoy nature as intended.

Locations: Battersea Park, Bishop Park, Eel Brook Common, Clapham Common

Price: £8 drop-in session

Think Urban Fitness (TUF)

Think Urban Fitness (TUF) | GoSweat | The 7 Best Clapham Boot Camps
Think Urban Fitness

Why Sweat Here? TUF gives you a full body workout using ‘only’ your body weight and the landscape around you – think bench press-ups, fence jumps and railing pull-ups! It’s TUF by name and tough by nature, but Team TUF and their regulars will inspire and support you to do your very best – whether that’s 5 reps or 50!

Locations: Clapham Commom

Price: £10 drop-in session

Urban Athletes

Urban Athletes  | GoSweat | The 7 Best Clapham Boot Camps
Urban Athletes

Why Sweat Here? Urban Athletes is a system of progression to raise your energy, improve your strength, endurance, posture and sports performance. Urban living has caused you to lose your natural athletic capacity – Urban Athletes will teach you to recover it.

Location: Clapham Commom

Price: First Class Free // £50 Unlimited Monthly


GoSweat | Clapham Common Bootcamp

Why Sweat Here? Urban Athletes is a system of progression to raise your energy, improve your strength, endurance, posture and sports performance. Urban living has caused you to lose your natural athletic capacity – Urban Athletes will teach you to recover it.

Locations: Clapham Commom, Hyde Park, Regent's Park, Shoreditch Park, Finsbury Park, Kings Cross, Shoreditch Park

Price: £14 drop-in class

As you can see, Clapham is a happening place when it comes to the best bootcamp classes in London. The only thing you need worry about now is which of our top seven studios you’ll explore first. Now, it’s time to go sweat it out!

As you'd expect, from a GoSweat Founder, Steph loves all things sweaty. From SUP to Skiing, she's always searching for the next endorphin fix. Her other loves include animals, adventures and eating out.

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