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Citycise - The Future of Working Out

February 5, 2019
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Citycise is a boutique fitness studio and social club in the heart of Wandsworth. They pride themselves on not being a gym. They are instead a revolutionary fitness and lifestyle movement, offering a place to hang-out whilst you work-out. The following is the interview we did with Ben, one of the PTs at Citycise:

The Citycise Team

What do you wish other people knew about Citycise?

All our classes are functional and different every time. We let our trainers teach freely and express their favourite style of training. Suitable to every level we aim to push our members to perform at their best and improve after every class

What inspired you to start teaching?

Meeting new people and helping them achieve their personal goals in a social environment is something I personally love doing. Helping people understand they can enjoy and get a great feeling from training and teaching classes is a great way to do that.

What has surprised you most about teaching?

How far any individual can improve by just encouraging and showing a positive attitude and teaching style.


As a teacher, what do you feel you have bragging rights to?

Great music to every session. I think the tunes are the most important as they really can get you in the zone and I'm very selective with my songs.

What's your personal philosophy on exercise?

Exercise is never a chore. Always train with a smile and you'll get the best out of yourself.


To find out all about Citycise and their fitness classes, check out their GoSweat profile:

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